A Brighter Path Program continues empowering ethnic minority girls in Vietnam

VinaCapital Foundation and Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund announce the implementation of the project “Brighter Path” in phase two. At least 33 impoverished but academically-talented ethnic minority girls will be awarded a 7-year scholarship that covers tuition fees, books, housing, uniforms, mentoring and soft-skill training programs.

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Brighter Path II is made possible by two donors – VinaCapital Group and REE Corporation. VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) and Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund (VAD) will interview and select at least 33 ethnic minority girls based on excellent academic records and passion for social development. Scholarship recipients will be awarded more than 220 million VND per person over 7 years for tuition fees, books, notebooks, accommodation, food, and uniforms during three years of high school and four years of tertiary education. Annually, these girls will be invited to attend the summer empowerment programs named “Dream Meeting”. Courses taught at the meetings equip the girls with soft skills such as teamwork, personal financial management, computing, and networking with prominent women leaders from government and corporations in Vietnam. The goal of the program is to empower exemplary girls in ethnic minority tribes, thereby, to support the sustainable development of these communities and reduce poverty.

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Mrs. Robin King Austin, CEO of the VinaCapital Foundation, comments: “Brighter Path was an interesting experiment, trying to help exemplary girls access a path to their dreams. The 7-year experience was quite invigorating, and we saw a great improvement in the confidence level of the girls, and 92% made it to university. Now 76% have graduated and the remaining 11 girls will graduate in law, medicine and other fields in 2017 and 18. We are very proud of what the girls accomplished and would like to thank VinaCapital and Talisman for the support that made the first cohort possible. I would like to thank VinaCapital again for their continued support for this second group and welcome REE to the project.”

Mrs. Truong My Hoa, former Vice President of Vietnam and President of the Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund affirms: “The success of Phase 1 is in large part due to its emphasis on responsibility, kindness and love and its work to instill these values in the girls in the project. “A Brighter Path” strives not only for a better future for the girls, but for practical, specific and loving support for the girls along the way. The accomplishments of these girls in overcoming obstacles will change their lives and just as important, will enable them to have a positive impact on their ethnic communities”.

These girls are now mature and strong, as well as have great knowledge and necessary skills for the future. Even though they have different dreams and career orientation in various sectors such as agriculture, teaching, communications, law, business management, they all commit to assist in their own community’s development in some manner once they have completed their education.