Our Donors

When Robin Austin and I established the VinaCapital Foundation and Heartbeat Vietnam in 2006, we thought only of saving one child at a time.

Now, amazing partnerships with the World Bank, AusAid, Canadian Embassy, ExxonMobil and Talisman, as well as many others, help us to save over 58,228 children since 2006.

The Foundation team is driven and focused on improving access to quality health care for poor children. Their work to improve capacity in the pediatric health care system is producing long-lasting and important results on which further empowerment can be built. Foundation programs now reach every province in Vietnam.

In the area of secondary education, VinaCapital Foundation programs mentor and nurture some of Vietnam’s most disadvantaged youth and ethnic minority girls who have shown extraordinary potential despite their difficult circumstances.

VinaCapital Foundation collaboration with a wide range of funders – including corporations, foundations and multilateral organizations – has proven very successful. The result of these alliances, alongside the continued support of individual donors, is that thousands of children have been saved and given a second chance at life and a better future.

Every single donation brings us closer to realizing our mission, and we are grateful for your support.

The VinaCapital Group was pleased to help launch this fine organization and I have been very proud to serve as its chairman. It is very exciting to meet the people whose lives have been touched, and see the changes the foundation’s work has produced.

We are all grateful to each and every donor, and we hope you will stay on board with us for this exciting journey.

Don Lam Signature
Don Lam
Chairman, VinaCapital Foundation
CEO, VinaCapital Group