Amanda Seafood makes lifesaving donation of critical medical equipment to Bac Lieu General hospital

On, April 21, 2016, Amanda Seafood, Ltd., announced their donation of emergency medical equipment for Bac Lieu General Hospital at a hospital ceremony attended by hospital leaders and members of the Departments of Health and Foreign Affairs. The donation, part of VinaCapital Foundation’s Critical Response program, consists of a mobile trolley, or crash cart, that transports a defibrillator, suction machine and other critical care equipment used to save children’s lives when every second counts.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) education and training, an international critical care program, was previously taught, and the equipment in the donation compliments the training. The training and equipment enable health care professionals to greatly improve medical outcomes. Ms. Robin King Austin, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation maintains, “We are so proud to work with Amanda Seafood to fully implement the Critical Response program in Bac Lieu province and the Mekong Delta. Medical emergencies occur frequently in Vietnam and one crash cart has an enormous impact. One crash cart plays a major role in saving the lives of a hundred or more children annually. Thank you for caring for Vietnamese children Amanda Seafood!”

The Critical Response program is a national partnership that VinaCapital Foundation shares with the Ministry of Health and the National Hospital of Pediatrics. Implementation of Critical Response is a national priority. Amanda Seafood CEO, Mr. Paul Andriesz states, “Amanda Seafood is very proud to say that it has been working in Vietnam since 1988. Throughout our 28 years we have supported and continue to support many charities and the management and staff are actively engaged in bringing relief to those people in need. Amanda Seafood has worked in Bac Lieu for more than 25 years and today we are very happy to be working together with VinaCapital Foundation, to donate equipment needed by the Bac Lieu General Hospital to save children’s lives. Amanda Seafood has signed an MOU with the VinaCapital Foundation to supply more vital equipment needed by hospitals in other provinces, especially those provinces where Amanda Seafood is actively working.”