An American Doctor With a Golden Heart


Distinguished plastic surgeon McKay McKinnon is sponsored by VinaCapital Foundation as well as several other organizations to conduct 11 surgeries to remove large, complex tumors from patients across Vietnam.   Tuoi Tre News, August 5, 2013, “An American Doctor with a Golden Heart” /  “Ông bác sĩ Mỹ có trái tim vàng”   We are […]

Dr. McKinnon Removes Second Facial Tumor in Vietnam

Distinguished plastic surgeon McKay McKinnon removes the tumor of Le Hoang Em. Featured in Tuoi Tre News.

VinaCapital Foundation assists in sponsoring world-renowned plastic surgeon McKay McKinnon in removing the second tumor of 31-year-old Em from the rural Dong Thap province of southern Vietnam. Tuoi Tre News, August 1, 2013 “Dr. McKinnon Removes Second Facial Tumor in Vietnam”  /  “Thêm ca bóc tách khối u “ăn” hết nửa mặt”         […]

American Doctor Frees Many Vietnamese from Tumors in Short Visit


VinaCapital Foundation along with Virtual Medical Miracle Network and Vovicare assist in sponsoring American plastic surgeon McKay McKinnon to remove the complex tumors of six children at the Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital No. 2, and the Vinmec International Hospital in Hanoi.   Thanh Nien Daily, August 5, 2013 “American Doctor Frees Many Vietnamese From […]

The VND 135 Million Hair Cut!

Coach Michael Barrs from The American School of Vietnam receives a special haircut to fund Heartbeat Vietnam surgeries.

In one of the largest community led efforts to raise funds for Heartbeat Vietnam supported by a school institution, Mr. Michael Barrs, TAS Vietnam’s health teacher and coach also devised a new twist in their school’s fundraising week — if the students were able to raise over $5,000 in funding towards Heartbeat Vietnam, they would […]

Scar of Life 5 – “The Prayer”

Scar of Life 5 - Poster

The press conference announcing the event held at the Caravelle Hotel on April 28, 2:30pm (Vietnamese articles below) Ngô Thanh Vân rạng ngời làm đại sứ Vết Sẹo Cuộc Đời 5 Ngô Thanh Vân cầu mong cứu được 1000 trẻ em bị bệnh tim Ngô Thanh Vân nghẹn ngào thương em nhỏ Ngô Thanh Vân […]