Zumba for the Heart


This september, ZOne decided to organize a Zumba charity event to help raise funds for poor children suffering from congenital heart defects. “Zumba for the Heart” was held on September 9th 2017 and it attracted nearly 200 participants and raised enough money to save the lives of 3 poor children suffering from CHD. We would […]

Uyen and Ly run for Heartbeat Vietnam!


Inspired by the annual Scar of Life events and Ms.Ngo Thanh Van’s efforts in saving children’s lives, Uyen and Ly have decided to challenge themselves to run the Danang International Marathon and raise funds for Heartbeat Vietnam. Uyen and Ly successfully finished 21km and 42km respectively and raised $3,425! Enough to save the lives of 2 children suffering from Congenital Heart […]

Michael Blake and Heartbeat Vietnam


Last month we visited 3 of our heart surgery recipients with one of our very generous donors, Michael Blake. Michael shared his personal experience and explained why he is so involved with Heartbeat Vietnam. In 2015, Michael’s son Francis “Tê Giác” Dinh Blake was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome during pregnancy. This made him […]

Jun Pham donates to HeartbeatVietnam and saves 2 children !


We want to give a special thanks to Jun Pham for his generous donation to our Heartbeat Vietnam Program. Thanks to Jun, 2 children were saved with life-saving heart surgery. This wouldn’t be possible without your support. Thank you!  

Tien Anh and his devoted father.


Today we want to tell you the story of a family suffering with congenital heart disease, the story of a boy and his devoted father. Tien Anh was born with a serious congenital heart disease and when he was just a baby boy, his mother decided to leave him. His loving father took on both […]