Farewell To A Cherished Employee; Nguyen Thi Thanh Hue

After five fruitful years of endless devotion to saving the lives of thousands of children living with congenital heart disease, Hue still remembers immediately falling in love with VCF’s mission after her first volunteer experience where she visited some of Heartbeat Vietnam’s beneficiaries’ hours after receiving lifesaving operations. Forever in her memory are the faces of these children, and the long scars that stretched across their chests’ – marks not just of ailment, but of new beginnings. After this experience, Hue could not turn back.


Ms. Hue (white shirt) with a family

“I immediately fell in love with the work” said Hue. After her first volunteer experience, Hue continued to volunteer much of her time and eventually she was offered, and committed to the Program Assistant position for Heartbeat Vietnam. Hue remembers being met with doubt in the early stages of her time at VCF, “I didn’t know why I was working here, because this is not what I studied in school” she said. Despite it all, and with the right in encouragement, Hue found that she had a special kind of dedication. Perfect for taking on the work done at VCF.  “I did not choose this job, It chose me” said Hue. For this, VCF is beyond grateful to have had her as a team member over the past five years.

After taking on the role as Program Assistant, Hue continued to rise within the organization, becoming Program Coordinator and later on Program Manager.

For those who may not have had the pleasure of working with Hue personally during her time at VCF, her devotion to Heartbeat Vietnam’s mission can be seen in VCF’s Television show, “Connecting Love”. On occasion she is asked to say a few words about the condition of a child featured on the show, and while her remarks tend to be kept short, Hue’s presence on the show is a visual representation of the urgency of the work that Heartbeat Vietnam does, as well as her innate devotion to providing comfort and hope to the children and families VCF helps.

Stress naturally comes with this line of work, but the stresses Hue faced will not mark the time she devoted to VCF.  She smiled cheek to cheek, and then interlocked her two pointer fingers gesturing a tight and unbreakable bond. “The VCF office is like this.” she said, adding; “we are like a family, and when you come into to the office it feels like coming home.”

Aside from playing a key role in a program that assisted in VCF’s ability to expand its reach from around 2,000 children when she started to over 4,000 today, Hue adds that Robin and Chau’s encouragement, along with the love she’s received from her colleagues are among the things she will treasure most about her time at VCF. “Robin and Chau always supported me. Chau always encouraged me, and Robin always talked to me like a mom. She gives me advice about how to make myself feel better when things get tough. She tells me to take a walk, or go buy myself a rose and smell it. This is a special environment, it’s not just work, it’s a family, its love” said Hue.

Hue’s kind spirit and hard work will be missed as she moves forward to start a new chapter in her life. Though she’s ready to take on new challenges in the competitive business world, Hue knows in the end she is thankful VCF offered her an outlet to do the meaningful she believes she was always meant to do. “We are doing good work, and I love what I do. I do not think I will find any other place like it. Doing more, means saving more!” Hue said, and her face lit up at the thought of it.


By: Sage Howard