Corporate Gifts

Real donor partnerships bringing education and health benefits to disadvantaged and underserved young people to improve their lives.

Many of the largest international corporations work toward this end with VinaCapital Foundation. Corporations like our innovative capacity building programs because their donation is making a sustainable change.

Companies who want to involve staff in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs love the personal and life saving impact of our grassroots efforts in heart surgeries. Telemedicine and other training programs are positioned to have a substantial impact on critical national health and education needs.

Corporations also like our practice of giving the donor marketing benefits for their CSR program. VinaCapital Foundation provides corporate staff involvement in the program work, public relations opportunities, target market connectivity, and government acknowledgement as a normal part of the business relationship.

VinaCapital Foundation looks for multi-year donors for our sustainable, high impact work. Like most successful business propositions, longevity means programming consistency, more efficient and well planned staff activities and brings a level of notoriety to corporate donors that one off projects will not encounter.

Corporate giants like UPS, ExxonMobil, Ernst and Young, Standard Chartered, AIG, Federal Express, Deloitte, HSBC, Talisman Oil and many others understand this and support various foundation programs.

The results are that thousands of children’s lives are saved every year and their families able to live a better life, disadvantaged ethnic minority women are educated and empowered to succeed, medical capacity is built across Vietnam lowering child mortality and morbidity, and business managers are trained in improved skills and leadership to take Vietnam to the next level.


VCF Partner Exxon Mobil has helped VCF spread best practice emergency response through the provinces where they work, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Danang. Ross Foundation has helped in the Mekong. The program Critical Response is saving a child every hour of every day at 67 hospitals in Vietnam.

Outreach clinics are also saving lives. Fedex Delivers Heartbeats Outreach Clinics have provided free screening, diagnosis and post op treatment for over 78,000 children. The program has found over 6200 children who need heart surgery in the rural areas. These children might never have been diagnosed without the clinics.

UPS and their staff are getting involved with Heartbeat Vietnam and developing a personal relationship with 23 at-risk children whose lives they will save, and then provide continuing care post op.