Join VCF

VinaCapital Foundation saves and improves young children’s lives.

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join us as we improve the lives of thousands of young people and their families. We are also very open to internships for qualified graduate school students in business, developmental studies, social media marketing or public relations.

If you are interested in working for us, please email your CV and a cover letter to Robin Austin, VCF CEO at

VCF is also very grateful for volunteers who help us in our work all year round. VCF needs volunteers with the following skills:

  • English speaking journalist for writing stories about our beneficiaries
  • IT/Marketing students who can work on social media coverage
  • Organized, enthusiastic young people to help with events, fundraising projects



Every heartbeat is unique.

The rhythms and cadences of every EKG are slightly different from the one prior and from the one next. But there is a tethering similarity between every pulse, something that binds us all to a common beat.

That similarity is love.

There are opportunities here at VinaCapital Foundation for you to find that rhythm.

As a volunteer, intern, or donor you can help. If you are interested in helping organize events, writing biographies, tracking patients, updating databases, or assisting with any of our other volunteer and intern available projects please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Follow your heart and you’ll end up saving some too.

If you would like to volunteer please contact Pham Kim Phuong, volunteer coordinator, at .


Travel to Vietnam and volunteer with VinaCapital Foundation.

When the pink lotus blooms, the vibrant petals pan out from the golden sun-like center like a spilled spattering of pink paint. The crystal and calm water that surrounds it reflects back a perfect copy. The roots are long; they burrow deeply into the soil.

When you think of the pink lotus, think of Vietnam. Vietnam is blooming. But don’t let us tell the story for you, come find out for yourself.

Hotels for Heartbeat Vietnam

VinaCapital Foundation has partnered with several hotels in Vietnam for the Hotels for Heartbeat Vietnam Campaign.

If you plan on traveling in Vietnam, please visit one of the following hotels to find our Heartbeat Vietnam brochure and donation box in the hotel’s lobby.


Mövenpick Hotel Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh City

Caravelle Hotel
Mövenpick Hotel Saigon

Da Nang

The Ocean Villas
Fusion Maia