HSBC hosts 24-hour Race To Raise Money For Heartbeat Vietnam

Last Friday afternoon, the leaders and representatives of HSBC and VinaCapital Foundation participated in their first 24 -hour race around the park near Notre Dame Cathedral .

The race went on for 24-hours straight, starting at 3 pm on 12/6 and ending at 3 pm on 13/6. The secret to their 24-hour run was teamwork! Every hour was divided into 3 power runs, each lasting 20 min10383040_862695307141831_1289733093481813869_nutes. Members of HSBC and Vinacapital Foundation’s staff, along with volunteers, picked one of the time slots to participate in. Each time slot was filled with different runners to fulfill the 24-hour goal. Runners ran all afternoon Friday, into the evening and early morning hours, and once again all afternoon Saturday to raise awareness for children who carry the burden of living with congenital heart disease all day, every day.

For each of HSBC’s employees that ran HSBC promised to match their participation with a donation. donations will go towards saving the lives of children with heart disease.

Not only was this event a huge success, it turned out to be a healthy and fun way to raise money and awareness. We appreciate HSBC and everyone who participated in such a creative effort to save children suffering from heart disease.