Instruments In Hand: Medical Equipment Donations

Increasing capacity by providing desperately needed equipment 

Instrument in Hand

Hospitals in developed countries often discard medical equipment after a few years as new technology becomes available. They also discard new, unopened surgical supplies if they have been in the operating theater.

Instead of throwing away these valuable medical equipment and supplies, the VinaCapital Foundation, in partnership with MedShare International, gathers, refurbishes, ships, and distributes them to hospitals throughout Vietnam. We also procure new equipment through donations from medical equipment companies.

VinaCapital Foundation believes in an eco-friendly ethic for equipment donations, so we do not bring equipment or supplies into Vietnam unless they have been requested by a hospital, and we know the hospital staff are trained and prepared to use them.

We also make sure that the equipment is refurbished to “like new” conditions and includes user manuals and a warranty. Recipient hospitals can also easily order replacement parts for the equipment.

Program Accomplishments


Since 2006, VCF has donated over 3500 pieces of equipment and supplies valued at over $800,000. We look for ways to increase capacity by providing badly needed equipment. For instance:

  • In a cardiac unit, the number of children who can have life-saving operations per week is dependent on the number of critical care beds for post operative recovery.
  • By equipping additional beds in these units, more children can be saved each week. Heart Surgery on infants and neonates is just developing in Vietnam.
  • In order to operate on tiny babies, surgeons need tiny instruments and personal head lamps to illuminate the tiny area for repair.
  • ER’s and ICU units need a crash cart to save children in cardiac or respiratory arrest quickly when seconds count.
  • Every day in neonatal ICU’s across Vietnam, doctors must make the horrific decision of  which baby lives, and which baby dies because they do not have enough ventilators to save them all.
Program Impact

To date, we have supplied hospitals in Vietnam with over $800,000 worth of equipment, improving the standard of care for over 50,000 patients.

Program Donors

VinaCapital Group, Exxon Mobil, Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation, and many others

How You Can Help
  • A donation of $20,000 will provide a cardiac color Doppler ultrasound unit for diagnosis and treatment of heart disease with pediatric probes.
  • A donation of $15,000 will provide a trans- esophageal probe for cardiac ultrasound
  • A donation of $10,000 will provide a cardiac heart monitor.
  • A donation of $1,583 will provide a pulse oximeter.
  • A donation of $2,000 will provide a head lamp for a cardiac surgeon enabling him to do infant surgery and improve his vision during vascular surgeries.
  • A donation of $2,200 will pay for a Pulse Oxymeter with sensor
  • A donation of $3,400 will purchase a Draeger Humidifier and Accessories for a Babylog Ventilator
  • A donation of $27,635 will pay for a Neonatal Babylog Ventilator which will save at least one baby every day for many years