Pediatric Care: Onsite & Offsite Training

Onsite and offsite training programs for doctors in Vietnam in order to raise medical skills and the hospital care levels to international standards to improve outcomes for treatment of children.


There are many excellent medical volunteers willing to give their time to visit developing countries to help train local doctors and improve their medical education.

VinaCapital Foundation coordinates onsite and offsite training programs for doctors in Vietnam in order to raise their medical skills and the hospitals’ level of care to international standards, as well as improve outcomes for treatment of children with heart disease and other serious illnesses.

Our experience has shown that doctors who train with Western surgeons and specialists exponentially improve their quality of care in all areas, including diagnosis, infection control, and hospital administration. In addition, exposure to English-language training enables the doctors to better read and comprehend international medical literature, periodicals, and studies.

These training programs foster discussions and collaborative relationships between Western specialists and their trainees that continue beyond the training period.

Onsite Training

critical_response_2The onsite training program focuses on training local medical professionals through preceptorship visits by exemplary Western-trained medical professionals in areas such as diagnosis, crisis intervention, cardiac and tumor surgery, post-operative intensive care, and neonatal care.

A donation of $2,500 will provide economy air ticket and hotel for a visiting surgeon or pediatric specialist from the US to train for one week. The doctor donates 10 days of his/her time for the visit. In-kind donations of frequent flyer miles for the purchase of tickets will also be accepted and the valuation of the donation qualifies for a receipt that you may use for a tax deduction. (Please consult your tax professional.)

Offsite Training

VCF also supports offsite training visits for Vietnamese doctors through mentoring fellowships to exemplary overseas medical institutions.

These immersion trainings run approximately two to three months, during which the visiting doctor will increase his or her medical, hospital administrative, and English language skills. Offsite training is a critical component in building medical capacity for developing countries, as it offers the visiting doctors training and knowledge exchange in an international-standard medical setting.

Our partners in this include Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Royal Children’s Hospital of Melbourne, and University Hospital of Geneva.

Program Accomplishments

Provided onsite training for 34 biomedical technicians and 98 nurses from four central provinces on maintenance and calibration of biomedical equipment.

From 2007 – 2012, 1,516 medical professionals donated 22,661 hours to our surgical, training and outreach programs, valuing $1,730,820.

Provided offsite training by sending Vietnamese specialists to Ireland, Boston and Switzerland to further their medical skills in a developed country hospital setting

Program Donors

Sheila McGuire, My Phuong Co., Ltd, Nguyen Dat, Nguyen Thi Bich Hau, Brian Tran

How You Can Help

A donation of $10,000 will provide transportation, accommodations, and training costs for a Vietnamese specialist to participate in a mentoring fellowship in the USA two months.