Heartbeat Vietnam

Heartbeat Vietnam funds life-saving heart operations for the most financially disadvantaged children in Vietnam.

Heartbeat VietnamWith matching funds from provincial government organizations, and insurance coverage, the cost to a donor to save a child’s life with heart surgery is just $1,200.

A recent study of heart surgery in Vietnam estimated that there may be as many as 10,000 children waiting at any given time to receive heart surgery. Many of these children will die waiting for help. Many are never diagnosed.

Chronic diseases don’t observe the boundaries of geography or economics, but the treatments often do. In Vietnam, where many families earn only a few dollars per day, specialized pediatric health care is beyond their grasp.

Poor children in Vietnam suffer with no hope as their families lack funds and access to medical care and the associated transportation. VinaCapital Foundation is beginning to look at solutions for all chronic diseases in children, but our focus since inception has been children with congenital heart defects.

To ensure early intervention and a lasting recovery for our beneficiary children, Heartbeat Vietnam includes four affiliated programs.