Prepping for Fifth Annual “Scar of Life”

It’s a bustling afternoon at the VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) where staff members prepare seating charts, volunteers move up and down the office armed with chunks of poster board, and special deliveries are made bearing glistening paintings among other luxuries.

Today marks the eve of the fifth annual “Scar of Life,” a fundraiser led by Heartbeat Vietnam Ambassador Ngo Thanh Van and VCF to raise funds for poor children suffering from congenital heart disease.

For Thu Tran, program coordinator of Heartbeat Vietnam—a core program of VCF, “Scar of Life” is a unique opportunity to reach the 539 individuals who purchased tickets for the event. She has been planning for the event for nearly two months and she explained that as an organizer for over three years for “Scar of Life,” it’s important that the event runs seamlessly because of the of impact the funds may have on the lives of so many children. As of today, VCF has saved 3,446 children with heart defects by raising funds for their procedures and providing grants for critical health needs.

“We just want the guests to enjoy the party and they will be drawn to the auction to raise funds for the children—we have saved more than 700 children and now our goal is to make that 1,000 by assisting 300 more kids.”

Thu notes that the “Silk” musical featuring Vietnamese performers, the highlight of this year’s “Scar of Life,” should bring in the crowd and offer them another reason to stick around for the auction of luxury items, all proceeds going to beneficiaries of the surgeries. In addition, Ngo Thanh Van, renowned actress and Heartbeat Vietnam Ambassador, as well as her Vietnam Artist Agency team, will be working all night preparing the fundraiser space for the performances.

Minh Thu, a Graphic Designer and Public Relations Assistant, has also been preparing for “Scar of Life” for two months and is anxiously adjusting photo images and descriptions of enticing auction items which will be lined along the lobby of The White Palace during a silent auction while select items will be sold live at the close of the fundraiser.

She noted that a total of 41 items, including vouchers from resorts throughout Saigon, acclaimed paintings, and even a Longines watch will be presented for buyers all from vendors wishing to donate to help VCF reach its target of saving the lives of 300 children.  Minh Thu, once a volunteer at VCF, pointed out that with the auction and the Silk musical, the fundraiser will be successful.

“I believe that the event this year will be different from others. I hope for the best,” she said.


Writer: Kamelia Kilawan