The American School of Vietnam Raises Over $6K for Heartbeat Vietnam

School Official Receives a Haircut to Celebrate Victory of Student Philanthropists

Normally haircuts are given in the salon but not on Monday. At 8:15 AM over 200 students at The American School of Vietnam gathered in their auditorium to witness a special victory haircut.

In one of the largest community led efforts to raise funds for Heartbeat Vietnam supported by a school institution, Mr. Michael Barrs, TAS Vietnam’s health teacher and coach also devised a new twist in their school’s fundraising week — if the students were able to raise over $5,000 in funding towards Heartbeat Vietnam, they would get to choose his hairstyle.

And so with the funny twist in the fundraising, the students of TAS Vietnam used their altruism and fundraising strategies to become full-fledged philanthropists.

They have been busy collecting funds for Heartbeat Vietnam while selling T-shirts, offering slices of cheesy pizza, and pitching the mission to fund life-saving heart operations for the most financially disadvantaged children throughout Vietnam.

In just one week they raised $6,400 or 135,962.000 dong towards Heartbeat Vietnam.

DSC_0077s Check to Heartbeat The check is given to Heartbeat Vietnam representatives 

“This is truly what education is all about — every subject coming together to solve a real-world problem,” Mr. Barrs told VCF in an interview earlier.

Though selecting and witnessing the exciting haircut piqued many students’ interest and curiosity, they were mostly touched by the idea that their funds would be given to the Vietnamese children most in need of healthy heart.

During a visit to the school, eight-year-old Pauline Quynh Huong Phan told VCF that she and her classmates decided to raise funds for Heartbeat Vietnam because after learning that children with ailing hearts cannot play and run freely because their cardiovascular systems cannot support the activity, she was determined to find a way for them to have a healthy heart.

photo.2 Pauline Quynh Huong Phan, 2nd grader, and her friend

“That’s why we decided to support something about kids and heart health,” Pauline said explaining that without a healthy heart, children cannot experience the active, social life she is privileged with everyday.

We are proud of the students at The American School of Vietnam for their excitement and creative fundraising. We would like to thank Mr. Barrs, the students, staff as well as the school administration of TAS Vietnam for continuing to keep students engaged in the altruism of servicing their community, and for advocating for the mission of Heartbeat Vietnam.

If you are interested in this idea and TAS, please contact:

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Writer: Kamelia Kilawan