Students from The American School Kick off Heartbeat Vietnam Week with Their Second Annual Heartbeat Vietnam Assembly

For the second year in row students from the American School (TAS) skipped, hopped, and jumped in lines of two through the doors of their school’s cafeteria, and anxiously awaited the commencement of what their school has coined “Heartbeat Vietnam Week”.

The kick-off is the first event tied to a weeklong fund raising effort the school organized for the second time in support of VCF’s Heartbeat Vietnam.

It opened with a very cute and perfectly fitting act from the lower elementary school students who preformed their rendition of The Beatles’ “All Together Now”. A great way to get an audience filled with 4 – 17 year olds excited about unifying and helping kids their age suffering from unfortunate circumstances

“Who knows what we’re doing today?” said Vice principal Anja Merilainen as she walked on stage and began to engage the cafeteria full of chatty students in a open discussion about the purpose of fundraising for Heartbeat Vietnam. Kids raised their hands with excitement, and the little voice of a young girl rose above her peers “for Heartbeat Vietnam, to help save kids’ lives.” said the student.


Last year the school raised 6,000 USDs, which went towards the operations of six Heartbeat recipients.   Their goal this year is just 5,000 with hopes of saving 5 children, but with the amount of enthusiasm and excitement that filled TAS’ cafeteria, it would come as no surprise if students surpassed this year’s goal.

“We want our students to experience what it’s like to help other students, and other people. Our students are often very privileged and may not always experience the lives of people from other backgroun20150601_140142_resizedds.  We really liked the mission of Heartbeat Vietnam because it aims to help other children, it allows us to teach our kids the importance of helping people who are like them, but who may not be as privileged,” said Merilainen.

Judging from the students’ active engagement in the conversation with their vice principle the model TAS has adopted proves to be changing lives on both ends.

Fund raising activities range from students donating to participate in things like pajama day, jersey day, and the school’s talent show, to purchasing special treats like pizza, and of course traditional donation envelopes.

The kick-off event was followed by a teacher vs. student volleyball game where the losing team donated the first 10,000 dong of the week.

The vice principle closed her discussion with a PowerPoint that included images of the six beneficiaries their donations were able to save last year,  “These are the pictures of the kids you guys helped, these are real kids, these are real people.” said Merilainen.

To find out more about the fund raising efforts of The American School of Vietnam you can contact them at:

The American School
172-180 Nguyen Van Huong Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2
Phone: 08 3519 2223         Fax: 08 3519 2224