Uyen and Ly run for Heartbeat Vietnam!

Inspired by the annual Scar of Life events and Ms.Ngo Thanh Van’s efforts in saving children’s lives, Uyen and Ly have decided to challenge themselves to run the Danang International Marathon and raise funds for Heartbeat Vietnam.

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Uyen and Ly successfully finished 21km and 42km respectively and raised $3,425! Enough to save the lives of 2 children suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. Heartbeat Vietnam could not thank these two ladies enough for their great efforts and dedication to children in Vietnam.




Their will of iron won a victory over the extremely hot weather. “Quitting is not a word in my dictionary” – said Ly with her winner t-shirt and medal for finishing the highest level of the marathon despite her leg injuries. “I told myself not to give up when I thought about all the people that supported me and the children that I would be able to save”.

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