Yen Nhi Won Second Prize in “Raise Your Hand – Share Your Voice” Contest

Yen Nhi — a beneficiary of the VinaCapital Foundation’s seven-year scholarship program for talented ethnic minority girls — won the second prize of Raise Your Hand – Share Your Voice, a social initiative contest recently organized by the Ho Chi Minh City-based LIN Center for Community Development.

Together with four other winners, Yen Nhi was present at the award ceremony on 16 May to share their ideas on how to improve access to education for marginalized populations in the city and beyond.

Yen Nhi, black shirt, third person from the left

Yen Nhi (third person from left)

 (Courtesy of the LIN Center for Community Development)

Below is Yen Nhi’s video submission for the contest:

Yen Nhi’s barrier:

– Walking 15 kilometers from home to school.
– Outside studying hours, Nhi had to work to earn money for her life and for her education.
– Racial segregation, because she is an Ethnic Minority, made Nhi feel sad and self-pity, but it also gave her more reason to study more, to prove that she’s second to none.

Yen Nhi’s idea:
– Organize free classes for street children who cannot afford to go to school who would then be each asked to organize classes for at least two other friends/children (focus on geometric progression) to multiply the number of children who can get access to education.

Sharing about her dreams, Yen Nhi would like to have a chance to improve her foreign language skills and study at a higher level. She hopes to contribute the knowledge gained to her community. Yen Nhi hopes that everyone can go to school to aim for a better life.