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Our Approach & Impact

Our Approach

Poverty is a vicious cycle that is difficult for anyone to break, and that’s especially true for children—the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Vietnam.
VinaCapital Foundation is committed to helping those who cannot help themselves, so that they may someday stand on their own feet and take advantage of all the opportunities provided by Vietnam’s bright future. We aim to achieve this goal and realize our mission through our unique approach:
  1. Building capacity to prevent needless death in the pediatric health care system of Vietnam, with programs in cardiac care, intensive care, neonatal care and emergency care, through training and equipment donations
  2. Advocating and providing financial relief and funding for heart surgeries for poor families in Vietnam
  3. Mentoring and supporting the education of ethnic minority girls

Our Impact

We understand that numbers are important. They give us a different perspective on our efforts; help us to see the forest from the trees and visualize our work at a national level. It's important not to forget that these results reflect people. The reality is we’re not fighting for numbers. A number does not have a story, a dream, or a need. A child does. And that’s who we’re really fighting for.

Since inception, VinaCapital Foundation has achieved (*):
Program Impact
Current programs
Heartbeat Vietnam

8,703 Heart surgeries

539 Continuing Care grants

527 Family grants

224 Scholarships

Outreach Clinic

248,673 children screened in 42 provinces

10,020 children diagnosed with congenital heart defects

8,342 children identified requiring heart surgeries

Critical Response

124,464 beneficiaries

1,095 doctors, 72 trainers and 406 nurses trained

186 crash carts donated to 5 commune health centers and 136 hospitals

Survive to Thrive

121,814 beneficiaries

293 neonatal care equipment donated in 53 hospitals in 11 provinces

Clean Water

2,947,546 beneficiaries

79 systems installed in 33 schools, 16 hospitals in 12 provinces

Brighter Path 1,094 scholars
Past programs
Mr. Sun

200 pediatric cancer patients received financial support

25 psychological support events for 1000 patients and their families

at 7 hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city

Hearing Mission 7,995 hearing-impaired people in 21 provinces received hearing checks, hearing devices and lifetime free service
Instrument in Hand 3,506 pieces of capacity building equipment donated to hospitals in Vietnam with a value of over $820,000
(*) updated to August 2021

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