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I am so proud to organize this concert to raise fund for the children with congenital heart defects with Heartbeat Vietnam.

Jmi Ko

Hello everyone!

This is JMI KO – a Musician, a Music teacher, anh a Program Director.

First of all, I am so proud to introduce you to the first concert of Vietnam International Youth Music in Ho Chi Minh City. This concert is my dream which rooted from my childhood.

I was only seven when I first held the violin. The violin was the greatest gift of my father and my dearest friend while I was far away from my home country. My passion for music grew, and I eventually came back to Korea to pursue my career in violin.

After graduating from university, I became a member of the Korea Symphony Orchestra group. But I bravely stepped up and released my very first electric violin solo album. Under the name JMI KO, I participated in various national events, corporate events, and some overseas performances. I particularly remember the rewarding feelings after my performance at the UN.

I moved to Vietnam in 2013 and my career as violinist did not stop. I released two albums in Vietnam and actively participated in various international and corporate events. My second album “Hello Vietnam” has been loved by Vietnamese people. One of them told me it was very interesting that a foreigner could perform this national music piece for us.

Moreover, Vietnam brings to me another opportunity to work as music teacher and musician. As a mother and a teacher, when I see how my daughter is growing, I want to contribute my talents to the young students so that they can also grow their passion and dream for music just like I did.

I am violinist but I am also an ordinary school parent in HCMC. I am also your neighbor, and a friend. On top of all these roles, I want to be a supporter to our loving teachers who are dedicated to teaching our children.

I will do all I can to contribute whether big or small to the music education of the children here in Ho Chi Minh City. This concert is among my various efforts to contribute to not only help the children grow but also contribute to the community. All the proceeds from the concert is going to Heartbeat Vietnam to help 04 children whose hearts were born with severe defects.

All in all, I know classical music is indeed difficult for everyone. However, in this special concert brought to you by all the members of Vietnam International Youth Orchestra, I am spicing it up by adding in a new color and personality. I want to uncover the music deep in ourselves through story telling.

So, wherever you are from in this vibrant city, you are becoming my family and my friends because everyone is a friend to music.

I really appreciate all of our group members who has sacrificed their time during school for the purpose of delivering their love for music.

Once again, thank you to ISHCMC principals, teachers and HeartBeat Vietnam of The VinaCapital Foundation.


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