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This Tết, please join me to donate Lucky Money

This year, rather than giving and receiving lucky money, please donate to Critical Response instead

Simon Breen

I’ve worked with VinaCapital Foundation throughout 2017/18 & they are without a doubt one of the most inspiring businesses that I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with.

It’s traditional at Tết to give lucky money; to our staff, our friends and family. This year, I’m asking all of my friends and colleagues to allow me to donate to the Critical Response VCF program instead – providing life-saving equipment for children to the rural areas of Vietnam.

I’m setting a goal of $500. If you would like to join me in donating your Lucky Money, together we can contribute towards providing a life-saving pediatric crash cart to a town that needs it the most. Thanks for your support!


Nghia Pham | Donated $0 - 1 year ago

Go Simon, Go Geometry Global Vietnam!

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