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Frequently Asked Questions

Donation FAQ:

1. Why donate to the The VinaCapital Foundation?

Despite great progress, over 30 million people in Vietnam live in poverty. Children die needlessly every day because they cannot access care. At VCF we are committed to helping those who cannot help themselves.

Your Generous Donation Buys:

  • One child’s heart surgery: 1,200 USD
  • Rural outreach clinic: 1,400 USD in the Mekong Region, 1,500 USD in the Central Region, and 1,700 USD in the Northern Region
  • Heartbeat Vietnam Scholarships for heart children: 225 USD
  • Continuing care for heart surgery children: 300 USD
  • Ethnic Minority Girl Empowerment Fund: 500 USD per girl
  • Crash cart for emergency treatment: 7,660 USD for High Volume Hospitals,1,840 USD for Low Volume Hospitals, and 1,758 USD for Commune Health Centers
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training for 32 doctors: 3,900 USD in HCMC, 5,200 USD in the Mekong Region, 6,700 USD in the Central and South Central Region, 7,000 USD in the Northern Region, and 7,200 USD  in Central Highlands
  • Neonatal Medical Equipment:
  1. Incubator: 7,243 USD
  2. Ventilator: 23,500 USD
  3. Infusion Pump: 1,722 USD
  4. Phototherapy Machine: 2,080 USD
  5. Injection Pump: 1,911 USD

2. What is the role of VinaCapital Group?

Mr. Don Lam, CEO of VinaCapital Group, co-founded The VinaCapital Foundation in 2006 with Ms. Robin King Austin, then Executive Director, to implement development and humanitarian projects in Vietnam in a systematic and transparent way. VCF is a separate entity organized as an American not profit tax-deductible 501(c)(3) organization and licensed as an international NGO in Vietnam. VinaCapital Group helped start VCF with funding startup and matching of all donations for the first two years. Since then, it has remained VCF’s largest donor with a generous annual donation for overhead and program work.

3. How do I know if the money I donated has any tangible effect on the lives of those people?

At VCF we create and implement grassroots and large-scale projects that have long-term benefits to disadvantaged children in Vietnam. These children are the country’s future, and we want to ensure that they have the best possible start in life in terms of health and development.

VCF provides regular reports and evaluations to our donors so they can see exactly how their donation is helping to change lives. Reading about our work is only one way to experience it; we also strongly encourage our donors to visit our projects and meet our beneficiaries. For those who are unable to come to Vietnam to see our work first-hand, we will do our utmost to bring Vietnam to you through our website. We encourage you to get to know our beneficiaries, staff, volunteers and your fellow donors as you read and hear their stories.

4. How can I donate?

There is no minimum amount. Every Dollar, every Euro, every Vietnamese Dong helps! You may also give a monthly gift to support a specific program. We respect our donors’ wishes and will keep all information confidential if compliant with the US Internal Revenue Service. We have several mechanisms to make it as easy as possible for you to donate. You can donate online right now:

You can either donate directly through our website, donate by wire transfer (please contact us for wiring instructions) or send us a check via the postal service to:

Regular Postal Mail

The VinaCapital Foundation PO Box 1357 Highlands, NC 28741 USA or The VinaCapital Foundation 14E21 Thao Dien, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC, Vietnam

Express Mail 

The VinaCapital Foundation 16 Holly Tree Lane Highlands, NC 28741 +1.828.526.2399

Donate in Honor or Memory

You can always make a donation in honor or memory of a loved one. Please note that you will receive the tax receipt and benefit. We will send a card notifying either the honoree or the deceased person’s family that a gift was made in their honor/memory.

  • If you donate online, please email us to let us know to whom you would like to dedicate your donation. We will send a card notifying either the honoree or the deceased person’s family that a gift was made in their honor.
  • If you donate by mail, simply include a note when you mail in your donation explaining that this gift is in honor of or in memory of someone and include any recipient information if you want us to send a card notifying of the donation.

Employee Giving and Corporate Matching Gifts

You can support The VinaCapital Foundation’s projects through payroll deductions by your employer. Many companies allow their employees to automatically have funds deducted from their paycheck on either a one-time basis or recurring each pay period.

In addition, your company may have a matching gifts program, where they will match each employee’s donations to a cause.

Speak with your Human Resources Department to see if your company has such programs in place. If they do not, consider letting them know that you’re interested. If you gain enough support among your colleagues, they may consider implementing one. Please contact us for more information.
5. How do corporate get involved in our programs? Real donors partnerships bring education and health benefits to disadvantaged and underserved young people to improve their lives. Many of the largest international coporations work toward this end with The VinaCapital Foundation. Corporations choose our innovative capacity-building programs because their donations contribute to make sustainable changes. Companies that want to involve staff in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs love the personal and life-saving impact of our grassroots efforts in heart surgeries. Training programs are positioned to have a sudstantial impact on critical national health and education needs. Corporations also appreciate our practice of giving donors marketing benefits for their CSR programs. The VinaCapital Foundation provides corporate staff involvement in the program work, public relations opportunities, target market connectivity, and government asknowledgement as a normal part of our business relationship. The VinaCapital Foundation looks for multi-year donors for its sustainable and high impact work. Like other successful business organizations, longevity means frequent organizing of activities, more efficient and well-planned activities for staff and brings a level of notoriety to corporate donors that one of rojects cannot. Corporate giants like UPS, ExxonMobil, Ernst&Young, Standard Chartered, AIG, Federal Express, Deloitte, HSBC, Talisman Oil, REE, Manulife and many others understand this practice and support various Foundation programs. The result is that thousands of children's lives are saved every year, their families are able to live a better lives disadvantaged ethnic minority women are educated and empowered to succeed, and medical capacity is built across Vietnam, lowering child mortality and morbidity.

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