VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) is looking for MultiMedia Designers Intern/ Volunteer to help with the design and production of VCF’s visual products and events. Register now to join the VCF team on our journey to support disadvantaged children and women in Vietnam this summer.

Job Title : The MultiMedia Designer Intern/ Volunteer
Department : Marketing, Communications & Events
Report to : Marketing, Communications & Events Manager
Location : In-person, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In general:

The Multimedia Designer Intern/Volunteer supports VinaCapital Foundation’s public engagement including media networks, campaigns, and fundraising events. In particular, the intern/volunteer will support in designing and producing VCF visual products and executing VCF’s events.

Job Description:

–      Support the design of VCF collaterals such as brochures, leaflets, presentations, reports, etc.

–      Support design materials for digital marketing such as photos, gifs, infographics, etc.

–      Help with video editing

–      Supervise printing and production process with suppliers

–      Ensure VCF is appropriately presented to all stakeholders – partners, public, volunteers, and media during events.

–      Coordinate and implement events such as press conferences, and fundraising events.

Key results expected from the intern/volunteer towards the end of the internship/ volunteer time:

–      Support design VCF collaterals:

o   Infographics showing the performance of VCF and its programs

o   Presentation template for VCF and its programs

o   Presentation slides upon request during the internship

–      Event design: Design all POSM for events during the internship

–      Digital Post Design: Photo editing and graphic design support for every post on the website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Email newsletter, or direct mail)

o   At least 3 posts per week for each Facebook fanpage and Instagram account

o   Photos for Email newsletter each month

o   Photos for 10 stories highlighting the lives of children and families that VCF has supported directly and indirectly through our programs

–      Thumbnails for YouTube videos: 2 thumbnails/ week to help revamp the YouTube Channel of VCF

Key Learning Points for the Intern/Volunteer:

–      Practice using design and video editing software such as Photoshop, Illustration, After Effect, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.

–      Learn how to utilize multimedia to support the nonprofit sector

–      Learn how to maximize the impact of digital marketing using multimedia products such as photos and videos

–      Learn and practice marketing & communication skills such as content creation, PR & event management, design & filmmaking, etc.

–      Practice and improve communication skills within the work environment

–      Practice and improve teamwork dynamics, critical thinking, and problem-solving

–      Gain a better understanding of nonprofit sector culture and goals.

–      Practice a way to give back to communities through social responsibility, sustainable development activities, and program engagement.

Specific Working Conditions:

–      Work under the direct supervision of the MarCom Manager

–      Ability to work under pressure in a professional working environment;

–      Ability to prioritize and show initiative

–      Capacity to work independently with limited supervision.

–      Capacity to work as part of a team

–      National and International interns/volunteers are expected to work at the office

–      Adhere to a smart casual dress code suitable for the workplace (No flip-flops, ripped jeans, or shorts).

Preparation required by intern/volunteer before the internship/volunteer time, if any:

–      Learn about the program or department they would like to work for

–      Send CV and cover letter to VCF for recruitment

–      Attend Interview via phone or in person


–         Good knowledge of sustainable development

–         Candidates with interest and/ or experience in women’s empowerment and gender, population, and education are a plus.

–         Level of Study: High school, Undergraduate, and/ or Bachelor

–         Passion for our mission and the nonprofit sector

–         Good communications skills in Vietnamese and English

–         The degree of exposure to the field will depend on the intern’s interests.

Working Hours:

–      Full time: 8 hours/day – 5 days/week – Monday to Friday. Working on weekends is a possibility yet with appropriate prior notice.

–      Part-time: 4 hours/day – 5 days/week – Monday to Friday. Working on weekends is a possibility yet with appropriate prior notice.

Vacation Policy:

Intern/Volunteer follows VCF vacation policy

Intern/Volunteer Requirements:

Level of Study: Undergraduate and/or Bachelor

Education Background:

–      Have a major in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, International Relations, or similar fields

–      Have previous training in Multimedia is preferred


–   Familiar and compatible with the design and video editing software (Photoshop, Illustration, After Effect, Adobe Premiere Pro…)

–   Familiar with the non-governmental and non-profit sectors in Vietnam

–   Ability to work independently and good teamwork

–   Good communications skills in Vietnamese and English are preferred

–   Good interpersonal skills and a keen eye for details

–   Have a good sense of responsibility

–   Experiences in digital marketing and event organization

The number of internship/volunteer opportunities available:

1-2 interns/volunteers at the same time

Internship/Volunteering Duration:

Full-time: 40 hours/ week, at least 3 months

Part-time: 20 hours/ week, at least 3 months

Preferred Internship/Volunteering Dates:

The Marketing, Communications, and Events Department runs during the year so we need volunteers anytime. The start time and end time would be discussed when the intern/volunteer applies to the program.

Please send your resume to: (Mr. Thao Nong – Human Resources Manager)


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