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Stories From The Brave Little Hearts – Never Losing Optimism, Mai Thao Has Undergone Two Successful Heart Surgeries

Today, VinaCapital Foundation would like to introduce to you the third Brave Little Heart. Mai Thao has undergone not only one but two heart surgeries. She is now 7 years old.

When we first met Thao, a Brave Little Heart, she was recovering from her heart surgery. She was filled with joy, laughter, and enjoyed the presence of others. Standing at the end of Thao’s bed, her mother graciously welcomed us through her tears. She continuously thanked us and began to re – tell snippets of Thao’s rough early years of life for the listeners to understand the excruciating pain her daughter had endured.

We discovered that Thao suffered from severe breathing and cardiovascular problems in the past. Thao repeatedly transferred from hospital to hospital to support her breathing and find available breathing machines. Thao’s mother stood by her daughter’s side, monitoring her health up until Thao’s first heart surgery in 2011. She remembered feeling anxious and scared for her daughter’s life, not to mention, the expenses needed to pay for Thao’s surgery. The family relied on the husband’s hard earned income that was only enough to live day by day.

Thao’s mother remembered more than anything was the question Thao asked as she was rolled into the surgical theater. “Thao turned around and asked me “Will I die like grandpa, mom?” Thao had witnessed her grandpa’s death the year before. Thao’s mother knew from the doctor that the operation only had a 50% success rate. At that moment, the fear immobilized her and haunted her as she anxiously waited through her daughter’s six-hour surgery. She dissolved into tears when she heard the doctor say, “Thao’s surgery went well.”

After learning about her difficult past, we were astonished at Thao’s bravery after not one but two surgeries. Today, Thao’s condition has improved significantly.

Thao’s story portrays the courageous spirit of the children with congenital heart defects. With the support of the benefactors like you, children like Thao can start to live a healthier and happier life. They can live out the Brave Little Hearts.

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