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Toyota Vietnam Foundation donates to Critical Response

Once again, Toyota Vietnam Foundation donates to our Critical Response Program. This time they’ve donated 9 crash carts to 8 hospitals in Lai Chau Province, one of the most economically disadvantaged provinces in the country.

In recent years, despite of the growing life standards of the Vietnamese people, there are still mountainous poor rural provinces that have to face many difficulties. As a result, social funds like TVF recognize our responsibility to support local people and improve their quality of life and give them a chance at a better future.

With the aim of supporting the resolution of healthcare problems in the community and assisting in reducing the maternal and infant mortality rate in the northern pour mountainous provinces, TVF collaborated with the VCF to donate 9 Crash Carts to 8 hospitals in Lai Chau province. Each crash cart contains life-saving equipment such as defibrillators and suction machines, which enable health care professionals to greatly improve medical outcomes.

Mrs. Do Thu Hoang – Chairman of TVF said: “We do hope that our contribution will improve the facilities of the hospitals, support the work of treating the disease and provide patients the opportunity to be cured, thereby contributing to reduce the maternal and infant mortality rate in Lai Chau and neighboring provinces”.

During their 10 year operations in Vietnam, TVF has been continuously contributing to society with the philosophy of “Being a good citizen”. They have been conducting social contribution activities in Traffic Safety, Environment, Education & HR Development, and Healthcare.

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