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VinaCapital Group And VinaCapital Foundation Donate Covid-19 Protective Gear To Local Hospitals And At-Risk Children With Congenital Heart Defects In Da Nang City

Today, VinaCapital Group and VinaCapital Foundation join hands with Da Nang city and its people to fight against COVID-19 pandemic by donating protective gear to 85 children with congenital heart defects and their families, and supplying approximately 500 million VND worth of medical equipment to hospitals in Da Nang.

VinaCapital Representative hands over protective gear to Representative of Committee of Fatherland Front of Da Nang city

The COVID-19 outbreak has put extreme pressure on Da Nang’s healthcare sector, with three hospitals placed on lockdown due to the fact that patients first visited these facilities before testing positive. As a result, the healthcare system lacks resources and infrastructure to support its population and treat all patients. Children with congenital heart defects who are being treated at local hospitals are among the most vulnerable groups to the pandemic because of their weak hearts and lung malfunction. It is crucial they get sufficient care and immune system strengthened to ensure stable health while waiting for their life-saving surgery.

VinaCapital Representative hands over care package to families with children with CHD

On behalf of VinaCapital Group, VinaCapital Foundation donated essential supplies and protective items such as masks, face shields,… to 85 children with congenital heart defects and their families, to help the children and their caregivers avoid getting infected during the pandemic.

VinaCapital Foundation Representative hands over care packages to families with children with CHD

In addition, in response to the nationwide campaign to join hands for Da Nang, through the Fatherland Front Committee of Da Nang city, VinaCapital Group and VCF collaborated to donate nearly 500 million VND worth of medical equipment such as medical masks, specialized masks, protective gear, hand sanitizer… to help health workers here be better protected. This is VinaCapital Group and VCF’s practical activity that affirms VCF’s mission in providing critically needed medical equipment and training for healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics in all 63 provinces of Vietnam.

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