Vinacapital Foundation


We fulfill our vision through four unique program areas in health and education.

Our vision is a Vietnam where all children, regardless of health complications or a lack of access to education, can take advantage of the numerous opportunities available so that they may contribute to society and accomplish their dreams.

  • Girls' Clubs

    Empowering the victims of social prejudices and gender inequality, transforming them to become agents of change in their rural communities.

    According to the statistics of the General Statistic Office in 2019, one in four ethnic minority girls is a child bride – some as young as 14 – 15 years old. In several ethnic minority groups, child marriage rates reach 40% to 50% of all females. In the case of...

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  • Heartbeat Vietnam

    Heartbeat Vietnam funds life-saving heart operations for the most financially disadvantaged children in Vietnam.

    With matching funds from provincial government organizations, and insurance coverage, the cost to a donor to save a child’s life with heart surgery is just 1,200 USD.

    A recent study of heart surgeries in Vietnam estimates that there are thousands of children waiting at any given time to receive this surgery. Many of these children are never diagnosed....

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  • Rural Outreach Clinics

    Healthcare providers, screeners and services often must travel to reach the sick, especially to those who are disadvantaged and living in remote areas, isolated from the most basic services.

    In 2007, VinaCapital Foundation created a program with mobile medical outreach clinics to provide free health care to children across the nation’s provinces. At each clinic, hundreds of poor children are examined and diagnosed by top cardiologists and surgeons from Ho Chi...

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  • Critical Response

    Critical response provides the missing pieces to assure fast response for a child in respiratory or cardiac arrest, and the training to handle pediatric emergency situations.

    We aim to provide emergency response training and crash carts to pediatric ICU’s, CICU’s, and emergency rooms across Vietnam.

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  • Survive To Thrive

    Reducing infant mortality and improving outcomes of neonates across Vietnam through innovative partnerships. 

    Survive To Thrive trains doctors to act quickly to save babies with neonatal resuscitation & life- saving stabilization procedures, donates essential equipment to care for neonates and trains doctors to trainother health professionals in neonatal procedures

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  • Brighter Path

    Brighter Path: Educational programs for Ethnic Minority Girls

    Providing education, skills, resources, and hope for a brighter future.

    More than half of Vietnam’s ethnic minority households live in poverty, according to Vietnam’s General Statistics Office. Over six million people struggle to address their basic needs and have no chance to prosperous, although they only account for around 15% of the total population.

    Living in rural areas, their financial struggles are exacerbated by...

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