Vinacapital Foundation

Girls’ Clubs initiated by VinaCapital Foundation is an evidence-based program, using Victim-Centered Approach to empower disadvantaged ethnic minority girls - the victims of outdated customs, social prejudices and gender inequality, improve their futures through after-school club activities focused on four crucial “core” knowledge and skills gaps:
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Legal rights
  • Financial literacy
  • Leadership skills
Girls’ Clubs provide an exclusive safe, innovative and positive environment for ethnic minority girls to gain empowering knowledge and skills, feel the power of the “group”, improve their self-confidence to overcome individual and collective barriers, resulting in improving their lives and promoting gender equality in Vietnam. After 4 months of Girls’ Club establishment, The Club continues to be operated by peer leaders, local Youth Union staff and trained teachers, creating opportunities for club members to share their learned knowledge, apply their leadership skills to educate their peers and their communities.  This ensures longevity and broad-based support.

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