Vinacapital Foundation

Brighter Path: Educational programs for Ethnic Minority Girls

Providing education, skills, resources, and hope for a brighter future.

More than half of Vietnam’s ethnic minority households live in poverty, according to Vietnam’s General Statistics Office. Over six million people struggle to address their basic needs and have no chance to prosperous, although they only account for around 15% of the total population.

Living in rural areas, their financial struggles are exacerbated by social and cultural isolation. Ethnic minorities, especially girls, often lack the opportunities to further their education. Factors such as the need for girls to work to support their families help with the household chores, and early marriage impede their opportunities for education.

The VinaCapital Foundation created Brighter Path, a program for Ethnic Minority Girls to provide hope for a brighter future and a break from the poverty cycle for ethnic minority girls in Vietnam.

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