Vinacapital Foundation

Rơ Châm Ling (Gia Lai – Jrai ethnic minority)

The Central Highlands - a land full of fragrant scent of lilac, endless rubber forests and the beauty of the mountains and forests - where I live and enjoy the richness that nature offers. Perhaps, it is also the place where people want a homogeneity between nature and modern society. It is also the source of my dreams and my future aspirations. If some say there are still old-fashioned, backward, violent ... somewhere in the quiet houses from the village, burying the souls of the children. Then I must be very fortunate to be a member of the 12A class of Gia Lai PTDT and above all, a member of the A Brighter Path scholarship. Friends, teachers, brothers and sisters in the scholarship fund are the source of hope that have been and are accompanying me on the path of growth.

I have a wonderful father and a protective mother. They are simply farmers. Sometimes conflicts occur, perhaps because they are too deprived, too cramped for simple things. But since the day I received the scholarship, they are happy and always hopeful and create the best conditions for what I look forward to. I always love to inspire children. Without being fortunate to become a doctor, I still want to be a teacher to teach the wonders of life so that the young souls will always look forward to the best. And to realize my dream, I will be best prepared to enter the University of Social Sciences and Humanities - the school I was fortunate to visit with my friend who shared the same dream last summer.

Thanks for the  A Brighter Path scholarship and all that is happening!

Lê Thị Hiếu (Ninh Bình – Mường ethnic minority)

I am Le Thi Hieu. I was born in Ninh Binh to be Muong. The reason I can confidently introduce to people like that because I'm proud to be one of the children of Ninh Binh, one of the members of the house of Vu A Dinh and Vinacapital Foundation.

I was welcomed into this big family indeed there are so many good things like the name of the project A bright path. The program has supported us a lot about paying tuition, buy books and school supplies. I feel very happy when I have lessened the burden on my mother's shoulders. We not only receive material support but also receive more love. We have received much attention and shared many things, have been able to express our dreams with our brothers and sisters, friends of the same age. We have been through three Dream meeting together. On such occasions, we will meet and learn, equip ourselves with useful knowledge.

I'm a Ninh Binh citizen but I haven't once set foot on Trang An scenic spot. The first Dream meeting in Ninh Binh gave me the opportunity to admire the beauty of my hometown and introduce people to Ninh Binh specialties. The first time I was able to travel in my hometown, stayed at the hotel, took the elevator and also the first time I had a buffet. It gave me a lot of wonderful experiences and also let me know there is a bright path waiting for us to conquer. The second Dream meeting in Da Nang has given me many new things. The first time I boarded a plane and went to beautiful Da Nang city. We have the opportunity to interact with foreign visitors, visit Thanh Ha pottery village and walk around every corner of Hoi An ancient town.

Because it is held in the summer, every raining year becomes my own feeling. It is like something quite new, romantic, carries all the worries and sorrows of life. For me, every summer is really messy because all childhood innocence grew up in thought. But it is the Dream meeting that gives me the opportunity to concentrate the whole energy, arrange all thoughts and time to operate in the most positive way. The meaning it is to equip us with knowledge for the new school year and really that is the success of the program. We went through the third Dream meeting held in Ho Chi Minh City. Every it is held in a tourist destination. We visited famous Universities in Ho Chi Minh City to listen to lectures and convey what we will encounter in the future when studying in the university environment. That urged us to recharge our energy to prepare for the immediate high school graduation exam. It is an amazing source of motivation. Not only that, but it also helps us meet many successful Vietnamese businesswomen who have great energy. They are the ones who inspired us to start building happiness and success for ourselves. Every Dream meeting we receive meaningful gifts. It is both a gift to congratulate us on completing the previous school year, as well as a motivation to motivate us to achieve our goals in the new school year.

I'm very grateful to the program for helping me have a better future. What I hope is the greatest is a stable job, worthy of what I have tried and with the expectation that the fund expects from us. I will definitely use all my energy to up a bright future. I don't just stop at my future, I hope that I will also make a small contribution to another beautiful future.

Tô Thị Như Ý (Sóc Trăng – Khmer ethnic minority)

Born into a financially inadequate family, I had to leave her parents when I was six years old, living and studying in the peaceful countryside while my parents worked in Ho Chi Minh City. In difficult circumstances, I understand that I have to try my best to study well in order to have the hope to help my parents out of this difficult situation. However, it seems that the road is too tough, too challenging for me when my conditions to go to school are still inadequate and difficult. Sometimes I think that perhaps I will drop out of school to go to work because I think that will be much more helpful for my parents. That thought has been lingering in my head for a long time. Until I heard that I had received A Brighter Path scholarship, that thought really disappeared. The scholarship opens me up to a path full of light, faith and hopes to continue trying and striving for my dreams.

I feel very lucky and honored to be one of the 50 girls who receive the A Brighter Path scholarship of Vu A Dinh scholarship fund and Vina Capital Foundation. The scholarship not only helps me financially but also strengthens my mental strength so that I will have the courage to try and study and fulfill my dreams. Joining the scholarship fund, I have been to the beautiful cities of our country, learned extremely useful soft skills, met successful and beautiful women and listened to stories. They inspired me and gave me the strength to be confident and strive for the future and for the community. We are nourished with love and humanity, nurturing the spirit to bring good and positive things to our homeland, our community and our society. The scholarship fund gives me a warm family with Father Rad, Mother Hoa, Mother Robin, gentle and loving aunts, Ms. Trang, Ms. Nghia, Ms. Phuoc, ... beautiful sisters such as Ms Giang, Ms Huyen, Ms Hang and 49 friends from all over the country. I really feel very, very grateful to everyone who has become my second family. I also greatly admire Mother Robin and Mother Hoa, and the sisters and sisters in the scholarship fund. The most precious thing I feel is sincerity and warm love from everyone.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone. At the same time, please promise that we will try hard to study well, always try and strive to become the next generation of sisters and girls to become successful women, bringing a beautiful and humane soul to bring positive effects to the community and society in return for the knowledge and love we have received, for those who always helped and believed in us. Although the road ahead may be full of obstacles, I believe with perseverance and effort, we will be able to fulfill our dreams and be able to return to light up hope, sowing seeds and nurturing dreams for future generations.

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