Vinacapital Foundation

Brighter Path program is designed to reduce poverty in Vietnam where it is endemic by empowering bright disadvantaged rural ethnic minority girls through education and training. Brighter Path, in cooperation with Vu A Dinh, a Vietnamese non-profit organization, finds the brightest and most committed rural ethnic female minority students across Vietnam, starting in 9th grade and provides them with full 7-year scholarships, personal mentoring, life skills and empowerment training.

Prior to the start of each school year, VCF convenes all beneficiaries for the “Empowerment Meeting”, engaging the girls in workshops relevant to their personal and academic growth, including financial literacy, sexual and reproductive health, leadership and other essential skills in order to increase their self-esteem, provide more resources and opportunities to access education and personal development, enabling them to control their own lives first and become “ game changers” in their communities. The girls are also exposed to exemplary Vietnamese women who mentor and inspire them.

Started in 2019, as a branch of Brighter Path program, Brighter Path Girls’ Club is an evidence-based program combining educational financial support with training in financial literacy, sexual and reproductive education, and leadership skills for 10th-grade ethnic minority girl students in Vietnam through weekly after school clubs. Brighter Path Girl’s Clubs concept aims to provide a fun, relaxed and positive environment for girls only - a place to gain empowering knowledge, feel the power of the ‘group’ and learn how to overcome individual and collective barriers to gender equality. Other than that, VCF also partners with private sector organizations to provide financial support to hundreds of impoverished students across Vietnam.

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