Vinacapital Foundation

This program aims to provide emergency response training and crash carts to pediatric ICU’s, CICU’s, and emergency rooms all over Vietnam. The program design has four facets:
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training (PALS/APLS)
  • Donations of fully stocked Crash Carts
  • Training doctors and nurses onsite regarding the use and maintenance of the cart
  • Monitoring the use of the carts, maintenance of the carts, and retraining when necessary

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Training (PALS/APLS)

Prior to receiving the cart, doctors in the hospital will be required to attend training on Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Targeting healthcare providers of children, this course provides an internationally recognized approach to the evaluation and management of critically-ill children in respiratory or cardiac arrest. Its goals are to provide the participants with:
  1. The information required for recognizing a child at risk of cardio-pulmonary arrest, as well as the strategy for preventing such an arrest, and
  2. The necessary skills for resuscitating and stabilizing a child in respiratory failure, shock, or cardiopulmonary arrest.
Each PALS course trains 32 doctors in an intensive two-day course including:
  • One half-day of seminar
  • 4 hands-on skill stations, which each doctor must pass to qualify
  • Certification exam

Pediatric Crash Carts

The pediatric crash cart, an absolute necessity in emergency rooms and ICU’s, places all of the pieces of equipment needed in a dire medical emergency, or code at the hands of the responding doctors and nurses. The metal rolling cart has equipment that enables doctors to respond quickly to restore breathing or proper heart rhythms to the child.

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