Vinacapital Foundation

Continuing Care Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) cause economic hardships insurmountable to many families in rural areas of Vietnam. Parents are devastated financially as they struggle to care for their children. In response, VinaCapital Foundation established the Continuing Care Program for Heartbeat Vietnam children and their families. This program protects a child designated at-risk in the crucial year after surgery by providing one year of post-operative medical care, nutritional support, and money for school fees to the child and family. To be eligible for the Continuing Care Program, participants must meet the following criteria:
  • The child received funding from Heartbeat Vietnam for heart surgery.
  • The child’s family has a poverty certificate attesting to the need for additional support.
  • The HBVN assessment of the family indicates the child is at-risk and resources are not available for proper nutrition and post op care.
The continuing care sponsorship payment for an individual child ceases one year after his or her heart surgery. In addition, the sponsorship will cease if the child’s family life or financial position improves or if the child drops out of school permanently prior to the end of the post-operative year.
  • Program Impact
Since 2008, Continuing Care has awarded over 122 grants.
  • How You Can Help
Donate 600,000 VND (equivalent to 30 USD) to help these children per month, which includes:
  • Payment of post-operative support to cover social insurance, medicine, and nutrition: 300,000 VND (about 15 USD)
  • Payment of education support to cover partial school fee: 300,000 VND (about 15 USD)

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