Vinacapital Foundation

FedEx Helps Make Heartbeat Vietnam Outreach Clinics Possible.  One of our goals at VinaCapital Foundation is to identify, diagnose, and treat children with congenital heart defects at the earliest age possible when the health effects are not yet as dire and the condition can often be treated with closed-heart surgery. In an effort to reach more children who have little or no access to transportation, we partnered with FedEx in 2011 to create a project named "FedEx Delivers Heartbeats", a greatly expanded version of the outreach clinics. These mobile clinics are a key component of our strategy because they help us to deliver the care that these children desperately need. The program, which is being operated through provincial and district hospitals, brings free healthcare to children who live deep in the rural areas. Since 2011, 248 "FedEx Delivers Heartbeats" has been organized in 44 provinces and 147 districts across Vietnam.

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