Every year, Run For The Heart starts its campaign by visiting the children the run saved the previous year. On June 11th of 2019, representatives of Gamuda Land, the main organizer, and Heartbeat Vietnam, a VinaCapital Foundation program, gathered in a cozy hospital room at University Medical Center. Everyone shared compassionate moments with the 7 children who recently received heart surgeries thanks to Run For The Heart 2018.

Top sponsors of the run last year and Mr. Kim Ly, a kind-hearted model and actor, spent quality time with the children.

Representatives from Gamuda Land and VinaCapital Foundation talking to a family in the visit

Actor, model Kim Ly giving present to a child

Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO, Executive Director of The VinaCapital Foundation caressing a child 

One of the top sponsors of Run For The Heart 2018 giving present to the family of the child

Doctor Khang shared his heartfelt stories about saving these young lives. These children used to have very severe defects that required major surgeries and continuous aftercare. However, their surgeries all went well, and now, most of them have been discharged from the hospital. They were back today for post-surgery examination.

Receiving huge boxes of presents from the donors, the parents and the children were all ecstatic, their eyes sparkling with joy.

The immense success of Run For The Heart 2018 prompted these families’ happiness. In the future, these children will be able to have a long life without the shadow of sickness and disease.

VinaCapital Foundation will continue to support Run For The Heart 2019 and looks forward to seeing even more participants this year. The more we come together, the more children all of us can save!

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