On March 12, 2024, VinaCapital Foundation collaborated with the Quang Nam Department of Education and Training to launch six Brighter Path Girls Clubs (BPGC) in Quang Nam province. The extracurricular clubs are designed specifically for marginalized ethnic minority female students in rural Vietnam to equip them with essential skills and knowledge in four subjects: (1) financial literacy, (2) life skills, (3) sexual and reproductive health, and (4) legal rights. Each club consists of 40 enthusiastic members, creating a supportive environment for these students to thrive.

In Vietnam, ethnic minority girls and women are one of the most vulnerable groups due to discrimination based on gender and ethnicity. Outdated customs, limited access to education, limited natural resources, child marriage, and trafficking have stripped away the dreams of many ethnic minority girls. The BPGC initiative demonstrates VCF’s commitment to supporting the National Targeted Program for Socio-Economic Development of Ethnic Minorities and Mountainous Areas for 2021-2030 in Vietnam.

Since its inception in 2019, the BPGC initiative by VinaCapital Foundation has successfully implemented 22 clubs in Thai Nguyen province, Quang Nam province, and Tra Vinh province, engaging 900 ethnic minority female students and reaching out to over 20,000 students with its message. 

Following its success PBGC continues to support the establishment of six multimedia classrooms and implement the club’s model in six high schools in Quang Nam province, including Bac Tra My High School, Nam Tra My High School, Boarding Ethnic Minority Middle School & High School in Nam Tra My, Kham Duc High School, Boarding Ethnic Minority Middle School & High School in Phuoc Son district, and Hiep Duc High School. Each school will have 40 female students participating in the clubs, led by a dynamic student committee trained in the club’s four areas. The clubs will organize interactive activities, utilize online learning platforms, and benefit from fully equipped multimedia classrooms with computers, speakers, microphones, 360-degree cameras, and televisions. With the support of the sponsor – Consular Club Ho Chi Minh City, this project in Quang Nam province has invested over 1.1 billion VND (equivalent to 47,144 USD) to equip six multimedia classrooms, enabling club members to access training materials from the BPGC’s e-platform. This funding also covers the operational expenses of the clubs for one year. 

During the launch event, representatives from Kimberly-Clark Vietnam donated 240 packages of sanitary products to ethnic minority female students, contributing to improving their quality of life and boosting their confidence in attending school.

Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation: “With over 17 years of dedicated mission in supporting underprivileged women and children in Vietnam, we understand that as long as child marriage and gender stereotypes persist in ethnic minority villages, women will continue to face disadvantages in various aspects of life and lack opportunities for personal development and empowerment. Among the seven nationwide programs implemented by VCF, BPGC holds significant importance as it actively contributes to eradicating gender biases and child marriage within ethnic minority communities, while also providing essential infrastructure support to rural schools. We sincerely appreciate the approval and collaboration of the Quang Nam Department of Education and Training for this project, and we extend our gratitude to the Consular Club Ho Chi Minh City and Kimberly-Clark Vietnam for their partnership in this endeavor.”

By implementing the BPGC, VCF reaffirms its long-term commitment to the development of impoverished communities and the promotion of women’s and girls’ participation in the development process in Vietnam.

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