On Friday 21st February 2020, VCF visited Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital in Can Tho province with Ms. Dai Ngoc (Brooklyn Nguyen) to meet 2 of the 7 children with congenital heart defects saved through her donations to Heartbeat Vietnam, a program of The VinaCapital Foundation.

At just 25, Ngoc’s generosity towards the children is an impressive act of kindness. Ms. Nguyen was inspired to donate to VCF by a speech given by Ms. Ngo Thanh Van, a Heartbeat Vietnam Ambassador during a summer spent at the pagoda when she was just a child. Back then, she was not capable of giving to the children. So she decided to save her money until she could donate to children with congenital heart defects. Singer Jun Pham, another Heartbeat Vietnam donor, and supporter reminded her again about giving to the children as she watched his show on television. After a few years, Dai Ngoc contacted VinaCapital Foundation via Facebook. She worked, saved up, and donated to the Heartbeat Vietnam program, saving 7 children.

When he met and talked with Ngoc at Hoan My Cuu Long Hospital, Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation, was taken aback. Standing in front of him was a small, simple, bright smile girl whose look toward the children she was going to save was so warm. Rad shared he felt extremely happy to see a young girl like Dai Ngoc do this act of kindness. It sounds normal but it actually is incredible as Ngoc had saved for so many years in order to save less fortunate children from congenital heart defects. Rad believes that there are many more young people like Ngoc out there who are joining hands to transform the philanthropy scene in Vietnam. They are the future of the country and will be accompanying NPO/ NGOs like Heartbeat Vietnam and VinaCapital Foundation to change the lives of Vietnamese people.

Thạch Tý (just over 1 year old) with his mother, awaiting his surgery

Đoàn Thiên Vũ (5 years old) just a day after his surgery, looking happy and recovering well.

Young people’s and organizations’ efforts will change the lives of children, their mothers, and their families. After a child recovers from CHD, 62% of families are able to improve their financial status and escape from the poverty cycle. By alleviating the burden that having a sick child brings to a family, mothers are able to return to work and children can go to school. This aids the economic development within communities, allowing areas to move out of poverty and improve their quality of life.

The children were thrilled to be given such exciting gifts and the gratitude in the room was very much felt by everyone. It just goes to show that anyone can do their bit to help, no one is too small. The act of one person here has saved the lives of 7 others. There will be many more lives saved if the young generation continues to take action to involve more in our community.

Mr. Rad Kivette, Dai Ngoc and her friends, Heartbeat Vietnam coordinator taking a photo with Thien Vu’s parents

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