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What campaign will you run?

In 2022, GeoComply achieved great success in supporting the Heartbeat Vietnam program, thanks to the incredible participation of G’ians. We are excited to continue this journey and invite our employees to donate again to support Heartbeat Vietnam. Your support can contribute towards covering the costs of pre-treatment and post-operative care for children with heart conditions, including vital aspects such as nutrition support, travel expenses, health check-ups, and even scholarships to ensure their continued education.

Founded in 2006, Heartbeat Vietnam of the VinaCapital Foundation funds life-saving heart operations for financially disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects (CHDs) in Vietnam. 

From inception until July 2023, Heartbeat Vietnam has saved 10,013 children with congenital heart defects and assisted with 985 Continuing care grants for at-risk children, 768 Family grants for nutrition and transportation, and provided 248 HBVN Scholarships.

As Gi’ans, we believe that Together We Can Do More! 

GeoComply also has a matching program to double the donation made by G’ians. These incredible opportunities help us come together as a team and support those who need it most.

As we grow, so does our impact!


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