What we do


At the VinaCapital Foundation, we are innovators, and problem solvers, especially when no one else can solve a problem.

We enjoy scientific, evidence-based sustainable development work, but we also take great joy in providing help when there is great need but greater refusal by the community to help because of bias, lack of funding or, more often, just a lack of will. We help poor sick children who have unusual medical problems and we believe that psychosocial issues for hospitalized chronically ill children are just as important as traditional treatment. Workshops for patients’ families, hospital “fun” rooms, holiday celebrations, and spontaneous hospital entertainment are all part of the most effective healing process.

What we do

  • Provide support for poor pediatric patients in unusual circumstances.
  • Develop programs to provide helpful information and psycho-social support for pediatric patients and their families.
  • Improve Vietnam’s pediatric healthcare capacity for non-traditional remedies.
  • Raise awareness with all stakeholders and the general public about the broader implications of pediatric diseases.
Our Impacts

Our Achievements since inception

Since 2020 to December 2022, the program has supported:

  • 217 children with cancer receive 100% financial support
  • 1 clubfoot teenage ethnic girl receives surgery
  • 2 pediatric Covid-19 patients were supported with treatment
  • 2320 children in Hanoi and HCMC hospitals receive gifts and psychological support activities
  • 12420 cans of milk for pediatric cancer patients in Hanoi and HCMC

How does the program operate?

VCF’s Grassroots Assistance aims to support underprivileged children and provide urgent grassroots solutions related to their conditions. We receive support requests from hospitals, local partners and the authorities, as well as from the public. Each case will be carefully assessed by the VCF team and partners to determine the needs and ways we can help. The program then raises funds and follows up with the child to ensure their health and recovery. We assist children with diverse medical backgrounds, including but not limited to:

  • Pediatrics cancer treatment, providing psychosocial support activities/environment for pediatric cancer patients such as classrooms of hope, nutrition support, education to raise awareness and knowledge for the parents/caregivers to support their children
  • Extraordinary poverty assistance such as club foot cases, pacemaker case, etc.
  • Urgent response campaign to the most special vulnerable groups such as Center Disaster Relief project, Urgent Responses to Covid’s 19’s Needs, etc.
  • Other walk-in cases.

A Clubfoot Girl with Perseverance and Aspiration

H’On Mlo was born with clubfoot – a common congenital birth defect that causes one or both feet to turn inward and upward.

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A Clubfoot Girl with Perseverance and Aspiration
A Clubfoot Girl with Perseverance and Aspiration
How you can help

Every contribution, no matter big or small, plays a crucial part in saving the lives of disadvantaged children, empowering their mothers and improving their family's future.

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