Government and Para-Governmental Authorities

National and local departments who support our work and collaborate with us

VinaCapital Foundation works with the Ministry of Health, Departments of Health, Departments of Education & Training, Departments of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Departments of Foreign Affairs, as well as other entities such as Fatherland Front Committees, Sponsoring Associations for Poor Patients and Children… of Vietnam and every province to implement and coordinate our programs.


Pediatrics hospitals in central cities that we work with to provide treatment for children with congenital heart defects and other health complications

VinaCapital Foundation works with hospital departments such as Cardiology, Hematology,... and their top doctors to provide treatment for children in need, whether at the hospitals or in our Rural Outreach Clinics. We also collaborate with each hospital’s Social Work department to receive children’s profiles and coordinate funds for their timely assistance.


Independent or individual-led groups who support our work, organize activities to raise funds for VCF and strengthen our connection with the communities

VinaCapital Foundation works with civil society organizations through a variety of activities and campaigns to raise awareness and funds for children in need, both online and offline, inside and outside Vietnam.


Companies and businesses from all over the world who support our programs and join hands with us to change lives

VinaCapital Foundation works with companies and businesses in all sectors to implement diverse Corporate Social Responsibility, staff engagement and branding activities to create positive impacts on the communities and children’s futures.


International and Vietnamese schools who collaborate with us to fundraise for our programs

VinaCapital Foundation works with students and teachers from schools and universities in Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi to raise awareness and funds through school fairs, sports tournaments, merchandise selling…

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