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Nutricare., JSC and VinaCapital Foundation implement “Millions of glasses of milk for community” program in Vietnam National Children’s Hospital and Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital 2 to support pediatric patients with cancer

In March 2022, VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) in collaboration with Nutricare., JSC announced the expansion of the “Millions of Glasses of Milk for Community” program with a total value of nearly 3.5 billion VND. The program will continue to operate its second year in Vietnam National Children’s Hospital (VNCH) and expand to Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital 2 (CH2). This annual program is implemented from March 2022 to February 2023 and is part of the social responsibility program “Millions of Glasses of Milk for Community” implemented by Nutricare in the past years.

From April 2021 to January 2022, Nutricare., JSC and VinaCapital Foundation successfully implemented the “Millions of Glasses of Milk for Community” program and distributed 2,700 cans of free Leanmax Hope milk to 342 disadvantaged pediatric cancer patients at VNCH. In cases of patients undergoing long-term treatment at the hospital, the sponsored milk has become a favorite nutritional drink that was well-absorbed by the children and helped them overcome symptoms of anorexia and fatigue due to the influence of cancer treatment regimens. In addition, during the challenging times of Covid-19 pandemic, this donation also helped lift the financial burden for the patients’ families and improve the children’s both physical and mental health.

Following the success of last year, in March 2022, Nutricare and VCF signed the Memorandum of Understanding to continue implementing the program in VNCH and expand it to the south in CH2. The program will provide 9,720 cans of free Leanmax Hope 400grams for pediatric cancer patients in these two major tertiary hospitals, which is 3.6 times larger than 2021’s program. Within 1 year of implementation, the program will deliver expectedly 3,600 cans of milk equivalent to 100 patients per month at VNCH, and 6,120 cans of milk equivalent to 170 patients per month at CH2.

Beside the milk donation, the program also organizes fun sessions for pediatric cancer patients along with educational workshops to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition for children with cancer for parents and caregivers. These series of activities aim to provide a comprehensive nutritional improvement in both physical and psychological health for disadvantaged children with cancer. In details, the program will conduct the following activities in 2022:

  • Organize Happy Class every month for pediatric cancer patients in the Oncology Center of VNCH to support them to have a favorable space for living and playing in the hospital during their treatment as well as provide psychological support.
  • Organize 4 training sessions on nutrient health education for parents and caregivers in the Oncology Hematology Department of CH2. The activity expects to provide parents with knowledge about nutrition in general for children, the role of nutrition in the healing process of pediatric cancer patients, along with guidelines for using Leanmax Hope milk. The CH2’s nutritionists and Nutricare’s advisors will lead these training sessions.

Chairwoman of Nutricare Investment and Development Fund – Ms. Vu Thi Thuan shared: “With the strength in nutritional products, especially supplemental nutrition for treatment, Nutricare., JSC has implemented many practical and sustainable activities for disadvantaged communities in society through the program “Millions of Glasses of Milk for the Community”  for more than 10 years. Being founded by experienced scientists, Nutricare understands the importance of nutrition in a quality life for people. For patients, nutritional solutions will help improve their health, respond better to treatment, and recover faster. After 1 year of cooperation with VCF to implement the Leanmax Hope milk donation program for pediatric cancer patients at VNCH, we are delighted to receive positive reviews from parents and children. That is the motivation for Nutricare to continue accompanying VCF in the second year, expanding the funding scale and coordinating to promote nutrition training activities.”

“VCF is proud to be a part of the “Millions of Glasses of Milk for Community” program again and strengthen our partnership with Nutricare., JSC to not only provide better nutrition care for more pediatric cancer patients but also nutrition knowledge for their parents and caregivers in Vietnam.”, states Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation, “Together with the support from our long-time partners – VNCH and CH2 – I believe this program will provide supplemented support with benefits for children on both the clinical side and psychosocial side. It is an honor to work with such a committed company like Nutricare who has the health of children who suffer as a priority.”

The “Millions of Glasses of Milk for Community” program strives to contribute to the quality of health care and improve the lives of our children, for a more sustainable, healthier and brighter future for all.

Check out some more photos from the two signing ceremonies below:

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