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VinaCapital Foundation and Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund Sponsors 3 Water Filtration Systems And 225 Scholarships For Ethnic Minority Students In Cư M’gar District, Dak Lak Province

Dak Lak, December 22nd, 2020The VinaCapital Foundation joins hands with Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund to hand over 3 clean water filtration systems to Le Thi Hong Gam Primary School, Le Hong Phong Secondary School, and Le Huu Trac High School in Cư M’gar district, Dak Lak province and award 225 scholarships for excellent ethnic students at these schools.

The donation ceremony is pleased to have the attendance of distinguished guests: Madam Truong My Hoa – Former Vice President of Vietnam and Chairwoman of Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund, Mr. Don Lam – CEO of VinaCapital Group and Board Chairman of The VinaCapital Foundation, Mr. Rad Kivette – CEO of the VinaCapital Foundation, and Ms. H’Hen Nie – Miss Universe Vietnam 2017. The clean water systems and scholarships are to honor Ms. H’Hen Nie for her enormous contributions to raising the awareness of Vietnam internationally.

According to statistics from Cư M’gar district, 50% of the children attending schools from kindergarten to high school are ethnic minorities. Research has also shown that sanitation, hygiene, and clean drinking water in schools improve access to education and learning outcomes for ethnic minority children. Therefore, to increase the capacity for clean potable water of 3 schools in Cư M’gar district, Le Thi Hong Gam Primary School, Le Hong Phong Secondary School, and Le Huu Trac High School, the Clean Water for Children program of VinaCapital Foundation benefits more than 2,600 students, teachers, and school staff. These are the schools that Miss H’Hen Nie attended.

The VinaCapital Foundation joins hands with Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund to provide 225 scholarships to disadvantaged academically gifted ethnic students of these 3 schools with the following numbers:

  • Le Thi Hong Gam Primary School: 50 scholarships
  • Le Hong Phong Secondary School: 75 scholarships
  • Le Huu Trac High School: 100 scholarships.

Mr. Don Lam shares: “Investing in education and healthcare for ethnic minority children is one of the best investments we can make to contribute to Vietnam’s growth in underserved areas. While clean water is essential to everyone’s health, especially to children in rural areas, education is fundamental for empowering young people to strive for a brighter future. VinaCapital Group and VinaCapital Foundation desire to ensure our commitment to provide quality public health care and education for everyone regardless of the location or ethnicity.”

The sponsorship aims to provide hygiene and safety for students’ and teachers’ health by improving the school facilities, and at the same time, motivate ethnic minority students to stay in school and strive for a brighter future.

The Clean Water for Children is a program implemented by the VinaCapital Foundation to improve access to potable water and quality of life for all people including the underserved and disadvantaged.

A Brighter Path is a 7-year scholarship and empowerment program for bright rural ethnic minority girls created by the VinaCapital Foundation (VCF). The goal of the program is to reduce poverty in Vietnam through education and training. It is designed to ease financial pressure of families of poor but bright ethnic students so they can continue and complete their education, empowering them to become “game-changers” in their communities. Started in 2010, the program has provided 809 scholarships to disadvantaged students across the country. The program does not only directly improve the lives of these primary beneficiaries but sustainably improves their families and communities.

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