On April 13, 2024, VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) and the Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund successfully concluded the “Brighter Path Girls’ Club interactive e-learning platform” project in Thai Nguyen province. Implemented in 8 high schools, the project aimed to provide educational support, training, and development opportunities for ethnic minority female students through an extracurricular club format.

From 2022 to 2023, the “Brighter Path Girls’ Club interactive e-learning platform (e-BPGC)” project was carried out in 8 schools in Thai Nguyen province with funds sponsored by HSBC Vietnam: Bac Son High School, Dinh Hoa High School, Phu Binh High School, Phu Luong High School, Vo Nhai High School, Nguyen Hue High School, Ly Nam De High School, and Trai Cau High School. The project sponsored the operational expenses of the Girls’ Club and equipped multimedia rooms in each school. These rooms were equipped with computers, projectors, and online conferencing systems, providing club members with access to online resources and facilitating club activities. A total of 344 female students participated in the project, including 276 students from ethnic minority groups like Tay, Nung, San Diu, Dao, and others.

Over the course of two years, the Girls’ Club in the 8 schools organized a total of 342 club activities and 31 school-wide events, enabling more than 8,500 male and female students in Thai Nguyen to gain knowledge in four key areas: financial literacy, legal rights, reproductive and sexual health, and leadership skills. The club’s diverse activities fostered an open-minded and creative mindset among students, especially ethnic minority female students, boosting their confidence and equipping them with essential skills for personal development. These collective efforts gradually contributed to eradicating prejudices and outdated customs within Vietnam’s ethnic minority communities.

In Vietnam, ethnic minority girls and women are one of the most vulnerable groups due to discrimination based on gender and ethnicity, outdated customs, limited access to education, and poverty. As part of VinaCapital Foundation’s Brighter Path program, which supports education and training for ethnic minority female students in Vietnam, the e-BPGC project aimed to harness the “power of the group” in spreading knowledge and skills to this marginalized group. In Thai Nguyen, the project achieved positive outcomes, with over 75% of female students demonstrating a correct and comprehensive understanding of legal rights, child marriage, and gender equality—aligning with the project’s objectives. The knowledge conveyed through club activities helped members develop financial management skills, independence, and confidence to pursue their dreams and become change-makers in their communities.

Mrs. Truong My Hoa, former Vice President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and Chairwoman of the Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund, shared: “The project has achieved initial successes, laying a strong foundation for the students to continue their development and share the knowledge they have acquired. We hope that these talented young girls will encounter numerous new opportunities and paths in the future”

Mr. Rad Kivette, the CEO of VinaCapital Foundation, shared: “Through the successful implementation of this project in Thai Nguyen province, we have witnessed significant and commendable changes in the students who participated in the Girls’ Clubs. We are moving closer to the goal of the Girls’ Club program, which is reducing dropout rates, eliminating child marriage among ethnic minority students, and providing opportunities for girls to overcome stereotypes, customs, and persistent gender gaps in order to take control of their lives. VinaCapital Foundation sincerely appreciates the Department of Education and Training of Thai Nguyen province and the Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund for their partnership and successful implementation of the project over the past two years. VCF will continue to strive to mobilize support from partners and sponsors to further expand the Girls’ Club program to many other locations, providing learning and development opportunities for ethnic minority female students.”

Given the project’s success, the VinaCapital Foundation will continue to expand and implement the Girls’ Club model in ethnic minority regions to provide disadvantaged ethnic minority female students with the opportunity to access knowledge, nurture their growth, and empower them to embrace a more promising future.

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