On Apr 24, 2023, in Ho Chi Minh City, FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, is collaborating with VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) on the ‘FedEx Delivers Heartbeats’ Rural Outreach Clinic for the 12th consecutive year. The program has enabled children living in rural areas of Vietnam access to free specialty healthcare and medical treatment for congenital heart defects (CHDs).

For the past 12 years, the FedEx Delivers Heartbeats program has reached out to 804 clinics in 48 provinces throughout Vietnam. Among 263,000 children who received free heart check-ups, 6,905 children were diagnosed with CHDs and 5,037 children required heart surgery. The program partners with local government leaders, the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs and the Department of Health.

With 100 volunteer cardiologists and surgeons from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang, the mobile clinics travel to over 25 provinces to provide quality healthcare services to over 50,000 children. These include patient examinations, diagnosis, and surgery plans for patients and their families.

Children diagnosed with heart conditions that require intervention in surgery are placed on the national cardiac surgery waiting list. Arrangements are also made so that post-operative care does not include expensive and long trips to hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, or Hanoi. Retrospective studies of beneficiaries receiving life-saving heart surgery from VCF provide data indicating that 68% of beneficiaries’ families improve economically and escape poverty as a result of healthy children.

“The FedEx Delivers Heartbeats program delivers critical healthcare services to people who live in remote areas of Vietnam,” said Ee-Hui Tan, Managing Director, FedEx Express Vietnam and Cambodia. We are proud to be part of this program that provides children in underserved areas with quality heart healthcare services.  We hope these services will give families a peace of mind and enable thousands of children to achieve their full potential.”

“FedEx and VCF have partnered to implement life-saving programs for twelve years and we are grateful for that,” added Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation. “With strong collaboration from FedEx, VCF’s Rural Outreach Clinic program has provided free heart examinations to more than 263,000 poor children all over rural Vietnam, helping them receive an early diagnosis and medical intervention. Thousands of children are given the chance to live healthy lives while their families are released from emotional and financial burdens. This program not only reduces child mortality but allows families a chance for a better future for their children.”

Over the past 50 years, FedEx has transformed the world by connecting people and possibilities. The company has exceeded its FedEx Cares 50 by 50 goal of helping 50 million people by the company’s 50th birthday on April 17, 2023. Learn more about FedEx Cares initiative here.

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