Last Friday, Heartbeat Vietnam and Grace’s Cookies team participated in the Canadian International School CIS Spring Fair, along with other NGOs and student organizations. It was such a fun and exciting day when we had the chance to meet more than 600 students from elementary to high school, talk about the program, and see their enthusiasm and interest in the work we do.

Our staff also had the best time guiding the kids to color seagrass bags and pictures, amazed by their creativity and melted when seeing their happiest smiles! By selling Heartbeat Vietnam’s merchandise and delicious Grace’s Cookies, we successfully raised 4,838,000 VND (~209 USD) to support disadvantaged children with congenital heart defects. This fund will contribute to helping our heart children receive their much-needed support promptly.

Thank you CIS for this wonderful event, we hope to receive your support and look forward to coming back soon!

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