On July 2, 2023, HSBC Vietnam and VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) collaborate to provide three free heart examinations for underserved children in rural areas in 3 provinces and a clean water system to La Gi Regional General Hospital in Binh Thuan province, enabling thousands of disadvantaged children to access quality healthcare. The activities are implemented through VCF’s Rural Outreach Clinic and Clean Water programs.

Representatives of HSBC Vietnam and VCF hand over the mock cheque to the representatives of La Gi Regional General Hospital

In October 2022, HSBC Vietnam signed an MOU with VCF to launch a project to support the most vulnerable groups in Vietnam who are lacking access to quality healthcare and clean water. The donation valued at 32,340 USD (equivalent to 760 million VND) provides one clean water filtration system for La Gi Regional General Hospital and three free heart screening clinics for children in rural areas of Tra Vinh, Lang Son, and Binh Thuan provinces.

The representatives visit the clean water system

As of 2 July 2023, with support from HSBC Vietnam, the Rural Outreach Clinics program has successfully screened 6,897 children, 507 of those received cardiac ultrasounds, and 27 out of 63 children diagnosed with congenital heart defects were assigned timely heart intervention in Tra Vinh, Lang Son, and Binh Thuan provinces. Apart from the financial aid, eighty-five volunteers from HSBC have joined hands to implement these outreach clinics, instruct children and their families to follow the procedures and provide gifts and entertainment activities such as painting, coloring, sand art, and more for disadvantaged children in 3 provinces.

HSBC Vietnam volunteers have fun with children

Additionally, on 1 July 2023, HSBC Vietnam and VCF install a water filtration system in La Gi Regional General Hospital through the Clean Water program, providing access to safe water for the hospital’s patients and staff. The RO water purification system with a capacity of 500 liters/1 hour will benefit around 600 – 700 patients and 300 medical staff each day. The filtered water has been tested and will be used for direct drinking and medical purposes. The installation of the filtration systems will help reduce water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever, E. Coli infection, and more. Ultimately, the clean water provided will improve the living condition of healthcare professionals as well as the treatment outcomes of patients at La Gi Regional General Hospital.

The representatives drink water directly at the system

Mr. Khoa Ngo, Head of Markets and Securities Services, HSBC Vietnam, shared: “Each year, Vietnam has about 15,000 children born with congenital heart disease, and many among them belong to disadvantaged communities with limited access to effective treatment. With the support of local authorities and cooperation with VCF – HSBC’s long-term and reliable strategic partner, we hope our contributions will lead to real results, helping many children have healthier hearts and better lives. We understand that a developed country means their society and people are guaranteed quality living conditions. Therefore, since operating in Vietnam more than 150 years ago, in addition to contributing to economic growth and supporting businesses, HSBC has never stopped backing the Vietnamese community and people. This companionship will continue and crawl to remote areas of the country, with the aim that everyone can access a better quality of life and healthcare.”

The Free Heart check-ups for children in Tra Vinh province

“We are proud to be a long-term partner of HSBC Vietnam and work closely with them over the years to bring quality healthcare to rural communities and transform the lives of thousands of people across the country”, Mr. Rad Kivette, CEO of VCF states, “Clean water and quality public healthcare are the foundation of everyone’s health and reduce the spread of all types of diseases, especially for our vulnerable children. We are grateful for our partnership with HSBC Vietnam which will enable us to improve our children’s health and living standards, ensuring a more resilient, healthier, and brighter future for all.”

The free heart check-ups for children in Lang Son province

Since 2014, HSBC has greatly contributed to all VCF programs. HSBC and VCF have helped examine more than 16,800 children through Rural Outreach Clinics, installed clean water systems for 15 hospitals and health centers, supported 42 children with congenital heart defects to undergo surgery, provided scholarships to 75 ethnic minority girls, implemented the Brighter Path Girls’ Club digital learning platform in 13 ethnic minority high schools, trained 124 health workers, provided 1 ECMO machine to a frontline hospital that provided treatment to COVID-19 patients in HCMC and was one of the donors to VCF’s disaster relief activities in Central Vietnam in 2020. This healthcare improvement donation is a testament to HSBC Vietnam’s continuous commitment to accompanying VCF to improve the country’s medical capacity as well as to bring significant assistance to the most vulnerable and underserved communities all over Vietnam.

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