With the message of Peace – Hope – Love – Optimism, VCF collaborates with Soul of a Nation (SoN) to launch 100 BELOVED VIETNAM T-shirts, as a gift of encouragement that we wish to bring to everyone. The T-shirt is officially open for order from 12:00PM, August 10, 2021, on SoN’s Facebook and Instagram with 100% of revenue donated to VCF’s campaign, contributing to providing ventilators and protective equipment to the frontline facilities.

“Beloved Vietnam” is the first project in that VCF cooperates with a fashion brand of dynamic and enthusiastic young people, joining hands with Ho Chi Minh City to fight the pandemic and bring life to get back to normal soon.

How to buy your T-shirt and contribute to “Help Vietnam Breathe – Vì Nhịp thở Việt Nam”:

Step 1:

? Directly transfer via Bank account at a minimum of 350,000 VND:


+ Beneficiary’s Account No.: 007 100 574 4984 (VND) – 007 137 060 7587 (USD)

+ Name of the bank: Vietcombank – Ho Chi Minh Branch

+ Swift code: BFTVVNVX007

+ Transfer note: Name + Phone number + BelovedVietnam


Step 2:

? Visit: https://bit.ly/BelovedVietnam to send a screenshot of the transfer >> Select a T-shirt model >> Provide product delivery address >> Click submit the registration form to complete the T-shirt receipt information.


Step 3:

? Within 1-5 days, SoN and VCF will re-verify your registration information.

If it’s successful, you will receive a notification message from SoN’s Hotline: 0888 695 655.


We’d like to express our sincere thanks to Soul of A Nation and everyone for your kind hearts and support. Let’s spread the positive energy to the community and join hands with “Help Vietnam Breathe – Vì Nhịp Thở Việt Nam”.

#HelpVietnamBreathe #ViNhipthoVietNam #BelovedVietnam #SoulofaNation

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