To provide the emergency response necessary for people in Central Vietnam affected by the historic floods and storms, VinaCapital Foundation has organized the “Our Hearts To Central Vietnam” campaign which has raised more than 530,000,000 VND after 6 days. Particularly, the fundraising concert at Hard Rock Cafe HCMC raised nearly 300,000,000 VND.

At the moment, all hearts and minds are focused on Central Vietnam where 8 provinces stretching from Nghe An to Quang Ngai have struggled with constant typhoon storms and floods for more than 14 days. These monsoon rains have caused the worst flood levels in the past 100 years, pushing people in the provinces from Ha Tinh to Quang Nam to barely survive with no food or clean water, damaged houses, crops lost, animals drowned, and extremely dangerous living conditions. Hundreds of thousands of people are desperately stuck in the rising flood and in urgent need of support to overcome the current difficulties.

After 6 days, our campaign has raised 534,670,000 VND296,670,000 VND of which was raised in the “Our Hearts To Central Vietnam” fundraising concert. OTG Vietnam in Hanoi donated 230,000,000 VND to our campaign.
VinaCapital Foundation would like to thank all donors and supporters who have contributed to our campaign. It could not be possible without your help and trust in VCF. Together, we’ll support the people in Central Vietnam to rebuild their lives and create a more sustainable future! Thank you to our performers, Phuong Vy, Lam Vissay, Y Kroc, Jmi Ko, Jang Mi, and Carol Thao My. We also thank Hard Rock Cafe for their contribution to hosting this event and thank Lighthouse Indochina for sponsoring our drinks.
Singer Phuong Vy
Singer-Songwriter Lam Vissay
Violinist Jmi Ko

In Stage I, the funds raised will be used to equip emergency relief packages, tentatively including basic necessities and medicines, water, food, milk for children, and hygiene products for children and women, to be promptly delivered to the people of 4 provinces of Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, and Thua Thien Hue. The VinaCapital Foundation team that is on the ground there now will work directly with our local partners in the provinces to ensure that the support reaches the people in need quickly.

The VinaCapital Foundation in Stage II will continue to call on donors to join hands to support the people in Central Vietnam to overcome the consequences of the disasters by contributing to the renovation and rebuilding of schools, hospitals, and commune medical facilities.

Please continue donating to our campaign to help more people in Central Vietnam:
Account number: 007 100 574 4984 (VND) – 007 137 478 0113 (USD)
Bank: JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) – Ho Chi Minh City Branch
Transfer note: For Central Vietnam – Name – Phone number

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