On 30th October, representatives from the Phenikaa Group and Mr. Sun program came to National Cancer Hospital to visit the cancer pediatric patients who were being treated there. Phenikaa Group also gave the children books and blankets as gifts of encouragement and joy for them to have a better time in the hospital.

At the handover ceremony, Mr. Sun also introduces Miss Dang Tran Thuy Tien as the program’s official Ambassador. Miss Thuy Tien will accompany Mr. Sun program to spark love and compassion among the public, bringing hope and joy to cancer children.

Phenikaa is one of Mr. Sun’s first donors and the 2 billion dong that they donated will go a long way to improve and change the lives of many children. Thank you Phenikaa Group and Ambassador Thuy Tien for joining hands with us to help our children with cancer. We look forward to having your support to save the lives of pediatric cancer patients in the future.

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