Rochdale Spears, in collaboration with the program “Help Vietnam Breathe – Vì Nhịp thở Việt Nam” of VinaCapital Foundation (VCF), donated 4 ventilators, 500 sets of level 3 personal protective equipment (PPE), 750 PCR test kits to Binh Duong General Hospital and Tan Uyen Commune Health Center and 1,550 care packages for struggling workers in Binh Duong province with a total value of nearly 3 billion VND (125,000 USD), joining hands with the local authorities and people of Binh Duong to fight against the current large-scale outbreak.

From mid-July until now, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of new cases recorded daily. Binh Duong has become the second-largest Covid-19-infected locality after Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The rapid increase in the number of patients has put pressure on the overburdened healthcare system of the province. Besides, the pandemic situation has raised unprecedented challenges for the province’s industrial zones, especially for disadvantaged workers there.

On the morning of August 27th, strictly complying with regulations on pandemic prevention, Rochdale Spears and VCF donated 3 large GE R860 ventilators to Binh Duong General Hospital; 1 Newport HT70 Plus portable ventilator, 500 sets of level 3 PPE, and 750 PCR test kits to Tan Uyen Commune Health Center. This medical equipment donation will assist these two hospitals in fighting against the pandemic, strengthen the infrastructure capacity for emergency work and Covid-19 patient treatment, as well as support the hospital’s medical staff, especially frontline healthcare heroes. In addition, 1.550 care packages, each including hand sanitizer, masks, vitamins, sugar, oil, soy sauce, fish sauce, and rice, will be distributed to struggling workers and poor households in Tan Uyen to help them cope during these difficult times.

Mr. Tom Champion – Group CFO of Rochdale Spears shared, “We at Rochdale Spears wanted to help support our local community during these unprecedented times. Working with our customers we secured sufficient funding enabling us to participate in the “Help Vietnam Breathe” program and donate essential medical equipment and PPE apparel to local hospitals. In addition to this, a team of volunteers at Rochdale Spears came together to support those within the manufacturing community who have been adversely impacted by COVID-19. This work has resulted in the creation and distribution of more than 1500 care packages to support families in need. Our medical teams have also voluntarily been assisting both testing and vaccination role-outs in the community. We as an organization will continue to find ways in which we can support and help during these incredibly difficult times.”

“The program “Help Vietnam Breathe – Vì Nhịp thở Việt Nam” is our latest activity to join hands with Vietnam’s Government to fight against the pandemic, especially in Covid-19 hotspots like Binh Duong.  VCF is proud to partner with Rochdale Spears to support people in need and help save the lives of Covid-19 patients in Binh Duong province. We hope to receive more cooperation and contributions from the community to be able to donate more essential equipment, ensure everyone’s safety, and join forces with the health system to leave no one behind in this battle. With the implementation of the Help Vietnam Breathe program, VCF re-affirms its commitment to improve medical capacity so that all Vietnamese people enjoy access to and benefits from the healthcare system. ” said Mr. Rad Kivette – CEO of VinaCapital Foundation.

“Help Vietnam Breathe – Vì Nhịp Thở Việt Nam” is a program implemented by VCF to raise funds for purchasing essential pandemic-fighting medical equipment and supplies for frontline medical facilities as the pandemic prolongs and the number of newly infected cases increases dramatically. VCF aims to donate ventilators for hospitals treating Covid-19 patients and personal protective equipment to protect thousands of frontline healthcare workers from high risk of infection. VCF will collaborate with the local authorities to distribute the medical equipment to the areas of most severe critical need. Up to the morning of August 27th, the “Help Vietnam Breathe – Vì Nhịp Thở Việt Nam” campaign has successfully raised 16.088.499.140 VND and deployed 49 ventilators, 1 ECMO, and thousands of sets of PPE to Covid-19 treatment hospitals in HCMC, Long An, Can Tho and Binh Duong province.

About Rochdale Spears


Rochdale Spears company founded in 2003 by Executive Chairman Geoff Hawkes is now a global enterprise, which brings to life unique designs, combining artisan techniques, together with leading-edge manufacturing. Built on a proud Vietnamese heritage, Rochdale Spears honorably serves strategic partners across the globe with exquisite furnishings.

One of the largest purpose-built manufacturing facilities of its kind in Vietnam, spanning almost 2 million square feet and employing more than 6000 people. Rochdale Spears collaborates with leading industry designers on each step of the design process, from visual research, and experimentation with materials, and sustainability to operational support and quality control.


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