On August 25, SpaceSpeakers Group collaborates with VinaCapital Foundation (VCF)’s Grassroots Assistance program to organize a music workshop and provide psychological health support for 100 pediatric cancer patients at the City Children’s Hospital. By creating opportunities for disadvantaged children with illnesses to experience the healing power of music, the activity will help bring joy and make hospitalization, treatment, and pain less traumatic. This music activity is possible thanks to the donation from the proceeds of SPACESPEAKERS Live Concert KOSMIK’s President ticket class valued at 100 million VND.

As a leading entertainment company in Vietnam, SpaceSpeakers Group always focuses on combining music value with charitable activities and using the power of music power to connect with the community and support those in need. In order to provide comprehensive psychosocial support for disadvantaged cancer children, SpaceSpeakers Group and VinaCapital Foundation will design and implement a music workshop with a series of music-related activities covering three overarching themes: Myself (What is Music?), My Peers (Music and Humanity), and My Surroundings (Music and Nature).

All the young patients will participate in 4 music stations to learn basic musical knowledge, play with the instruments, and explore themselves through music. The SpaceSpeakers Group’s artists include 16 Typh, GONZO, and TINLE. These artists will attend the event, instruct the children to play the musical instruments and sing with them.

SpaceSpeakers Group and VinaCapital Foundation will also prepare 100 gift sets including musical instruments and education items for all pediatric patients.

“We are honored to witness and nurture the artistic passions of the pediatric patients here. This is also an opportunity for SpaceSpeakers Label artists to interact with and get inspiration from the children,” shares Mr. Jason Dang – Representative of SpaceSpeakers Group. “SpaceSpeakers Group also appreciates the contributions of the sponsors who supported the President ticket in the Live Concert KOSMIK to make this meaningful music workshop possible.”

“I want to express my deepest respect and appreciation for the trust, sacrifice and hard work of SpaceSpeakers Group and other supporters of the SPACESPEAKERS Live Concert KOSMIK. Those contributions enable VCF to provide critical psychosocial support for our cancer children,” states Mr. Rad Kivette – CEO of VinaCapital Foundation. “We hope that this meaningful project will inspire the community to join hands with us to support our medical system, improve healthcare services and transform the lives of thousands in Vietnam who need our help.”

Psychosocial support is as vital to the healing process as the clinical treatment for the children and their caregivers. Music-related activity speeds up the healing process. This music workshop reaffirms SpaceSpeakers Group and VinaCapital Foundation’s commitment to a resilient and healthy Vietnam for generations of children and mothers to come.

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